July Challenge!…and let’s chat about the one you didn’t finish ;)

Jessica photo for The JourneyThe last few conversations that I’ve had with people have led to the realization that monthly challenges out there really are pretty motivating…but most of you don’t finish them.  I am ready to help you change all that and give you a challenge this month that YOU CAN FINISH!

This month we are going to open up this challenge conversation…chat about monthly challenges that are popular (do I like them, how I pick them apart, what leads to injuries, what the good ones are, etc.)…see what it is that will help you actually finish what you started…what makes you feel successful…AND, talk about a big pet peeve of mine.  We can’t cover this all in one day though but will cover this during the month of July.  For now…let’s start talking about you.  😉

fitness challenge

Are YOU a Challenge “liker”?  Think back…to either a challenge we did at The Journey or one on another site.  Did you click that “like” button, e-mail for a submission to the challenge or write a comment so you could be “in”?  It is a great feeling, isn’t it?  To sign up for something and just feel empowered like that.  One click and BAM…I am in!  I am going to change the world, have my house organized, be super mom and lose weight ALL by one click.  Ok…that is just how I feel sometimes, maybe?

But…did you finish?  If so, awesome!  You are really the minority because when I survey people and ask them…they are pretty honest in letting me know that they have a great record of failing at monthly challenges that are posted all over this social media world.  In fact, this is what a few of you said recently when I did a poll on our Facebook page:

CURIOUS…It is now 16 days after June has started and I just gotta say…the end of May and early June I saw LOTS and LOTS of people I know clicking on those 30 day challenges. So I am wondering…how are those going?

I was chatting with another fitness instructor last week about challenges that are posted for each month and we both shared our dislike for them. I think that the majority of people that hit those “like” or join buttons actually don’t finish them.Thoughts? Have you ever finished a 30 day challenge? Have you ever not finished? Why did you finish? or…why didn’t you finish?I know these are very popular but I also think that many are very unrealistic for the majority of people and some that I have seen have the potential to hurt you rather than help.

Share your opinion! I know those who have finished a challenge here at The Journey…but in comparison to those who started…it was slim pickins. What would it take to get you to complete a challenge 100%? Or…is there something else that would motivate you?


Here are the replies:
  • I’m still liking your June challenge. I’m not good at posting pics of what I’m doing and I don’t really like stating what I’m doing either self conscious or felt like I was one of the few actually who was saying what activity I was doing..
  • I did the 12 week one (from The Journey) and that seemed to keep me focused. Not sure about this one currently – just not doing the tracking like I should and the eating out piece is a big for me with traveling – I know it revolves around good choices all around — just finished mowing and sweating like a wet rag, not sure what to say. A month should be a breeze with the plan you laid out but I have struggled the whole way through.
    Another person replied-  I’m with you, Im doing horrible
  • I liked your challenges back in December and January. I could stick to that, and I knew it was realistic!
  • I think people click on them in hopes of it giving them some sort of motivation…. Or they do because a friend is doing it….. I agree most probably dont finish 😊
  • I’m not doing so well, honestly. Ya know, I did a 2 week challenge with some ladies in my horse weight loss group on FB and I was able to do that pretty easily. We called it a 2 week no cheat. It was fun…but it was also during “fish” week. For some reason, this time, I’m not focused. It’s like I keep forgetting what I’m doing! Blah! There…I was real. ; )

real.jpgMy Challenge Pet Peeve:  Sneaky Challenges.  Many challenges are posted with positive thoughts for all involved but some are posted to also get you to buy items from them.  I know, this isn’t a shocker to most of you but for some…you had no idea and are wondering if this is true right now.  

I am very skeptical of monthly challenges that are posted online especially when I see someone who is a coach who sells products but doesn’t come out and say that in their info…I see that as a red flag.  I am not saying this because I don’t want those people to have an income…I’m just saying that because I honestly feel like it is a bit on the unethical side.  Here is why:

  • If you are looking for people to coach one-on-one, say that.
  • If you put the challenge together, are you certified by a fitness or health organization that is credible?  Are your certifications posted somewhere online?
  • If you have one challenge for people that you post as “free” but then another that is better but costs money and/or uses specific products you sell which you will offer at some point as an option, say that up front.  I have seen people post challenges like this specifically on free sites and honestly it just isn’t free.  I don’t care how you spin it to me…wanting people to buy stuff from you for a challenge is not free.  If at any point you mention the words “buy this ________ for better results” or “I use ______ for better results” I think you should clarify right at the beginning that you use products to attribute to your health and/or weightloss.  You will seem more honest and ethical if you put it all out there right up front…and you also seem more credible.

Being REAL means being honest.  If you aren’t REAL about your intentions and I can see through the marketing scam…you just lost me or will make me dig a bit.  😉  I will occasionally find a challenge that I question and ask questions about it to the person who is hosting it, what their goal is, what products/tools/equipment I need, etc.  Feel free to do the same if you are curious about trying a challenge.  The person posting the challenge should be willing to answer any questions you might have.

finishJULY CHALLENGE FROM THE JOURNEY!  The challenge THE JOURNEY is giving you this month IS FREE…is something YOU CAN DO…and gets you moving more.  That is what this month is all about…MOVE MORE!

Before you hit that “like”, “share”, “comment”, “Tweet” and whatever other social media buttons are out there…read.

Take a sec and decide if this works for you.

  • If it does…join on in.  Tell us in the comments or e-mail us at smallchangesbigpicture@gmail.com so we can help keep you accountable.
  • If you have doubt…think about that for a sec and figure out what is stopping you because you really are the only one who can do this.  I will not come to your house and make you go for a walk.  I will not put your helmet on your head and push you down the street on the bike…I just won’t.  This is about you finding your courage, ambition, motivation and determination for YOU.  I can’t hand that over to you because it doesn’t come in the form of a fancy challenge.
  • Last but not least…You really do get to decide if you want to finish this challenge…and it is designed so you CAN finish.  We are not setting you up to be a failure.  If you want, we can pester you a bit and e-mail you, call you out by name or even post pics of you as you finish.  That is your choice.  Tell us how we can help…because finishing this challenge is our goal for you.

Here are the details for the JULY CHALLENGE…

  1. Try 1 new thing this month that will get you moving for at least 30 minutes. Find a workout video (borrow from friends, find at the library, check out Hulu or Netflix), try a free class or workout in the community (Rochester, MN groupies, I could help you with this) or do something at home that you have already but just haven’t done already.  Plan ahead and get that new activity on your schedule so you don’t miss out!
  2. Ride, Walk OR Run. At least once this month find the time to either ride a bike for 15 miles, walk or run (or some combo) at least 3.1 miles. This might be something you need to work up to…if so, start small…each week do a little more…and by the end of the month you can get that full 15 miles or 3.1 in!
  3. Post it somewhere or link it to our social media sites and let us cheer for you!  Cause you know what?!  That is pretty awesome and sometimes we need to hear that “Good job!” and you really never know who you are motivating.  😉

Good or bad experience from a health or fitness challenge?  We’d love to hear your thoughts…so share away groupies!  🙂  The comment section is below…just scroll down a little bit farther.

connectThanks for being part of The Journey!  Take a sec and follow our blog so you don’t miss our posts coming up.  You can also find us at the following places:


4 thoughts on “July Challenge!…and let’s chat about the one you didn’t finish ;)

  1. tinlizzi

    My head keeps screaming at me this long list of WHY NOT TO exercise or drink water. I can’t shut it up. SO, to push through that instead of fight it, I’ve taken the simple advice of Jessica….
    “JUST DO IT!”
    And quite simply that got me to the spin class at 5:45am this morning. I cried half way home. Certainly happy, sad & healing tears. Cleansing the insides out! I DID IT, for today! Thank you!


    1. mominminnesota Post author

      You did a great job…and you keep looking stronger and more confident each time. Remember…it is you vs. you. Do what you can and what works best for you and go at your own pace. You are doing awesome!


  2. Mary Long

    I am new to monthly challanges. So far I have done only yoga Instagram ones. I tried in March but quit because of an injury. I got back at it for May and was a winner! Having the daily challenge helped me make yoga a daily part fo my routine. I stuck with it for June and now I am in a July challenge. Now, I have to say that if I felt the hosts were annoying or asking for something outside my confortzone or range of motion, I would stop. I almost signed up for an ab challenge last month but as I read into it, there were comments from the host to buy their products for better results. That was a turn off for me.


    1. mominminnesota Post author

      yoga sounds like a great thing to do for a challenge! That is one thing I need to do more of…good job! *Jessica



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