August Challenge…finding what you LUV! and a few tips how to do that.

Jessica photo for The JourneyI wrote at the beginning of July about my dislike of monthly challenges…you know the ones…

  • “squat 5 kazillion times this month and get a butt of stone!”
  • “Plank for 10 hours by the end of this month and you will have rock solid abs!”
  • “Do 8 trillion crunches and pushups during the month and I guarantee you will have a bikini body!”

Obviously I am exaggerating just a tad 😉 but honestly, many of the 30 day challenges posted online are crap.  These challenges are marketing done at its best.  They are finding the women that have body image issues or think that they are squishy in the most common spots that most of us are and they want you to think that it is wrong and bad…and then show you some crazy way that really is probably going to injure half of you that try it…that is, if you truly make it through the entire month of the challenge.

I’m not saying you can’t make it through a month long challenge…I’m just not sure why you want to.  Think about it.  What is your REAL reason for doing the challenge?  Is it so you will be stronger? skinnier? healthier? fit into a pair of jeans? look better?  feel better about you? it promises results in short time frame?  you saw progress pics that look great and you want it too?

real.jpgWhat IS the REAL reason you would do one of these 30 day challenges?

One of my newest health/fitness likes is Jill Coleman.  She had a free podcast a few weeks ago where she said one thing that really stuck with me…(not word for word…but close)

I post free workouts all the time.  It’s not about the free workouts…it is about the mindset to actually do those workouts.

The Journey August Challenge!  A challenge might motivate you…it might inspire you…it might get you to do a workout 1 or even a handful of days longer than you might normally finish.  That is awesome if it does.  But here is my challenge for you…let’s just say this is our August Challenge:

“Find something you luv!…and then do it!”

This August…find one thing that gets you moving a bit more that you would actually get up early for, or something where you feel your insides start to jitter and you just can’t wait.  If you find that one thing, this whole healthy thing that you are trying just went from “Super Hard!” to “I’m Having Fun and I Can Do This!”

plank-challengeWhen was the last time you finished a 30 day challenge and was able to say “I’m Having Fun and I Did This!”?  Most of you…I already know the answer…cause it is the same as what I would say…NEVER!  I have never done a plank and thought it was fun.  If I did 70 squats…my knees would let me know that they weren’t having fun…because they have already done about 200 others days before.  I actually would end up looking at that challenge and feel like once again I was a failure at this fitness stuff.  😦  I might as well just step on a scale too at that point and get a double-whammy of self-sabotage and doubt.

It’s time to get over the number “30” and the words “day challenges” and put the words “I luv ________________” and fill in the blank with something you luv.  If you luv it, you will make time for it.  It will become important to you.  It will become more of a habit.  It will become more of your daily or weekly schedule because you actually have fun doing it.  That right there equals a greater possibility of success for you and your goals.  That is what you want, right!?

Here are a few ideas on what you could try:

  • Try a fitness class at a local gym!  Ask for a free day pass or see if a friend can bring you for a day.  You might be able to get in for free…but you may just have to be a bit bold and ask.  I teach a few classes (cycling and strength training) and luv to see new people in class.  You might feel out of place for a moment but just do your best, have fun and relax a bit.  There is no need to stress about a fitness class…those are supposed to help you get healthier!  FYI…sometimes it takes about 4 times of trying a class before you know if you really luv it…so don’t give up after just one class.
  • Find a free workout in your community.  Our town has several free workouts that anyone can attend.  Kids, families, adults, senior citizens…it is for all fitness types.  Ask around, do some Google or Facebook searches and see if there is one in your area.  We even have free Zumba on Mondays in the middle of our downtown.  It is in a very public place but it is free.  Maybe there is something similar in your town?
  • Ask a friend.  Most of us know someone who has a workout video or DVD that is shoved in the back of a cabinet somewhere.  Ask those you know if they have any resources you could borrow.  Try it!  You might like it.  😉
  • Join a friend.  Back in the day when Tae Bo was a big deal, I had in my possession all of the VCR tapes (yes, I said VCR).  Not only did I play those for me…but in college a group of us would go in one of the local gathering rooms, pop in the VCR and kick and punch together.  It was so much fun!  Find a friend and pop in a DVD and do a workout together.  You will laugh, have fun…and for you moms, you can do this with your kiddos around too.  *you could even get 3 or 4 moms together and alternate who watched the kiddos*
  • Try a Challenge from The Journey.  I created all of these with you in mind…and with you succeeding!  I basically did some of my steps and put them on paper…one small change which helped lead to my bigger picture.  Go check them out and see if any of these would work for you.  All are FREE too!  Challenges from The Journey

What are you going to try in August?

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