Workout Playlist…for anything!

Jessica photo for The JourneyI am a sucker for a fast moving, dub stepping, beat dropping type of song…and I like to play things loud.  Today I am sharing a few of my favorite songs to workout with and a little song secret that is out there – I’m talking…free music.  😉

Songs make me move.  Sometimes, knowing that I have a favorite song all ready to play during my workout is what makes the workout actually happen.  I will even occasionally (like this morning) play the songs in my car ride to the gym…just to wake up a bit more at 5:15am and get that adrenaline pumping.

Songs work for me.  Songs motivate me to push harder, to run faster, to lift heavier and to climb longer.  Without music running through my ears…I would be sleeping.  🙂

music-by-the-journeyHere are a few of my current favorite songs…and these can be used for any workout.  Most of these are played during my cycle and strength training classes that I teach locally.  Each song has a link to a video on Youtube so you can listen to the song today!  Isn’t technology amazing?!

Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic  – great beat, use this for jumps in cycling or some climbs that have lots of different aspects (run, jump, climb and repeat).  I also play this as I am doing push presses, one of my personal favs.  😉

“OctaHate” by Ryn Weaver.  I have no idea what she is saying but the beat is amazing.  Today in cycling class we did a series of jumps; started with 4 point, a little bit faster with 2 count and then we did a great hover that makes your quads wonder what in the world you are doing.

“Jungle” by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons.  If you are looking for a song that makes you want to lift something heavy up off a floor this is it.  Great song for deadlifts or cycling up the biggest hill you have ever even imagined was possible for your wobbly legs.  Just dig in and finish.  It is about 3 minutes of hard core music for an epic workout.

“What Now Remix” by Rihanna – this song starts off kindof slow (lets me take a sec and breathe again) but then speeds up.  I like this mostly for those steady state rides…when I want to ride for a few minutes with a little resistance but keep that speed up.

“Cross The Line” by Superchick – upbeat, fast and awesome for sprints!  If you are runner…play this at the end of your race.  It talks about crossing the line…which really is great motivation for what you are doing.  😉

“This is the Time” by Superchick – yes, I know, 2 songs by them…but listen…go click on that link and listen to the words.  This song is letting you know that it is time.  It is time to move…time to step out of your life right now and do something different because you already know how to fly.  Most of us have the tools we need and yet we are holding ourselves back because of fear, excuses…whatever…but you can do this.  Really…you can.  If you don’t think so yet, just hit repeat on that song until you start to believe it…because it really is the time.  😉

Those are a few of my favs.  What do you listen to?  I am always scouring the social media world to see what other people are using…but if you just tell me and share in our comments you will truly save me hours of work.  😉  Plus, you might inspire someone else to move more if they hear a really awesome song that gets them moving.  So share, comment and pin away!  Let’s inspire eachother and others.

soundcloudNow for the FREE MUSIC info…two words…Sound Cloud.  Have you heard of it?  I don’t know all the technical and legal stuff with this site but I do know that I can put playlists together and not have to buy the songs.  As long as I have a connection for my phone to get internet…I can play the songs.  About 90% of my playlists are put together on here and I can count on one hand how many songs I have bought in the last several months.  Want to check it out?  Go to and go explore.  *I don’t recommend this for kids…lots of profanity in the comments and songs at times and the songs are not always labeled correctly since they can be uploaded by users.*

Wondering what other music I listen to?  I have a few other posts where I’ve shared a few songs…check them out here.  Free playlists!

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