Weekly Challenge #100…grab your sports bra, you’re gonna need it.

Jessica photo for The JourneyWEEKLY CHALLENGE #100!

The kids are back in school and that means it is time for some homework…but not for the kiddos. Grab that sports bra, find those compression yoga pants or capris and get ready for this challenge…cause it will move you. 😉 *women…if you need a little extra support for the bladder control, may I suggest just wearing a pad. I know some of you right now are saying, “Oh, I can’t jump. I pee myself.” I hear ya…but there are ways to get around that and get those muscles stronger so you quit peeing on yourself! Trust me. I might know a little somethin’ about this one.*

Jump homeworkIt’s time to JUMP! Just follow the directions on the picture and JUMP! Pick three days (try not to make them three days in a row…give yourself a break cause rest is important!).  If you need to sing the Jump song…the YouTube video is below to get you there faster, just in case you are the one person who doesn’t already have it on their mp3 player.  (Ok, I only do because we jump in cycle class to this song…so really, don’t fret if you are looking through your music now to see if you are the one and only person who hasn’t downloaded it yet – 😉  

WHY DO THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE?  Will you lose 15 pounds from doing this exercise this week? I’ll be honest, it is highly unlikely. Jumping will not make you lose 15 pounds. But, it will get your body moving in ways it isn’t usually moving. It will build muscle. It will help your lungs build some cardio endurance. It is exercise so it will help your metabolism and will burn a few calories. And…it makes you do something that maybe you aren’t doing already. You don’t have to jump high…all you gotta do is try and get your feet off the ground a little bit. If you won’t jump for 30 seconds or to the point where you are tired and need a break (could be less than 30 seconds!)…think about if you are truly ready to make some changes.

So, Who’s ready to jump? Hit “like”, favorite, Pin it, share on your page, write a comment or two and let us know when you are jumping…and everyone that participates is a winner. 😉 Everyone who tries is just making a step towards getting healthier.  That seriously makes you a winner in my book…(and if you record how many jumps you do each time…you will see for yourself that you are a winner, cause you will make progress my friend…you really will!)

*Look for the next weekly challenge on Monday, September 8th!*

Want to find more of our challenges?  Check out this page…it has all the details:  Challenges at The Journey

– Jessica

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