September 10, 2014

Jessica photo for The JourneyREAL MOMENT: I would like to tell you that every class I teach is one where I have a great attitude and life is all rainbows and sunshine. It may just seem like I’m over caffeinated for 5:45am…and that may be the case just a tad. But the sunshine and rainbows are not always the true reality. The smile will be there on my face but stuff in my life is not always full of happiness. Tomorrow will be a day where I put on a smile but my heart is actually breaking.

The conversation that I had today made my heart cry. I saw tears in front of me on a person that is strong and pushes others in their own classes. The tears were not from being happy…it was complete sadness. And…there is nothing I can do for this person other than be there for them. I can’t make the cause for the sadness go away…and I am a fixer. I am a first born. If I can take control and make it all better I will…but I can’t.

I’ll be at class tomorrow and this person is teaching fitness classes as always…but I know that be kindour hearts are breaking. You don’t come to a class though to feel sad…you come to a class to be encouraged to fight and push yourself…and that is what we are paid to do.

Just remember that everyone is on a journey…and some of these journey’s are not going so well. Have compassion. Smile a little bit more. Don’t judge. Lend a hand to someone else for no reason at all.

Help spread the sunshine and rainbows…because someone around you might need that extra bit of cheer *and don’t be disguised by a fake smile, cause some of us are paid to make those look very real*.


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