Weekly Challenge #102…Let’s EAT!

Jessica photo for The JourneyWEEKLY CHALLENGE #102!

We are putting together a few challenges this year to just get you moving more and back to the basics.  I’ll be writing a challenge for you each week that is simple and short and that you can do at home.  We also have a Back to the Basics Challenge going on each month that started in September (which you can do at any time!)  You can find all the details about that challenge here!

We talked last week about our thoughts on challenges a bit…and you can catch up on our theory of how we do challenges over here at The Journey and whey we do it the way we do…you should read it, especially if you are thinking about signing up for a challenge that requires you to pay for anything.

102 eatChallenge #102…Eat! Your challenge this week is to Eat…and specifically, eat breakfast.

Food is SOOOO important, and you need it.  You need it to function on a daily basis.  You need nutrients and vitamins, protein & fiber.  All the different items that come from food have a purpose…even the good fats!

We want you to take a look at what you are eating as you get that day started and put something of value into that body.  If what you are currently eating is from a box…let’s just say right now that we are encouraging you to put the box down and walk away.  If you find yourself being pulled toward to sugar filled box…just listen, cause there is a deep voice saying “STEP AWAY FROM THE BOX!”  Find something that resides in the fridge, grows on something and/or came from an animal.

Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind:

  • Don’t panic…there really are options out there.  They might be different than your norm but now is the time to pull up those big girl panties and try something new!
  • Don’t skip breakfast…your body needs this meal.  If you aren’t a breakfast eater, start with little bites.  You will learn that you can eat earlier than you were.  I never ate breakfast (almost half of college and for the first 10 years after that) and the thought of eating really kindof made me sick.  I didn’t think I could do it and I truly did not think that it was important.  I started little though and would eat a banana or something that required no work on my part.  Trust me…bananas require nothing.
  • behappy_1No pop/soda before 10am.  You may be one of the lucky ones where this means nothing to you.  If you are like me though…this just crushed your entire world.  I know.  I know how hard the reality of what these words mean far too well.  I wrote on Facebook earlier today that I used to start my day, while I was in school, with a pop hidden in the medicine cabinet.  I would take sips as I got ready for school but I didn’t want my parents to know so I would hide it back in the cabinet.  I learned this behavior though and carried it with me until just a few years ago.  I was no longer hiding my pop but drinking it in the early A.M. was a daily to-do, several times over.  I do have a pop ever now and then…it is my thing…I own it…but I don’t start my day with one anymore.  I remember driving to the gym one cold morning at about 5am guzzling down my Diet Pepsi before I went inside and thinking to myself, “this just doesn’t seem right.  What if I tried water instead?”.  I was not a fan of water…not at all.  My taste buds forgot what that wet substance was on my tongue and it was just gross to me.  I had to teach (and sometimes force) and glass of water down my throat until I realized that water tasted yummy.   Do you need help dropping the pop?  Check out these tips that we created about a year ago just for you!
  • Can you hear me now?  This really was put on here as a joke…but the reality is, if you need help…ask!  Send us a note.  Write us.  When you are ready to go grab a Coke or walk out the door without eating breakfast, think about what you are doing…and if you need encouragement…just ask.  We will hear you…but we can’t hear you if you don’t say “hi” first.

WHY DO THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE?  Will you lose 15 pounds from doing this challenge this week? I’ll be honest, it is highly unlikely. But, you will be learning a very healthy habit that your body will appreciate.  Studies are showing that if you eat a healthy breakfast you will most likely lose weight and keep it off.  Check out these links to find more info on more reasons why you should eat breakfast:

So, Who’s ready to EAT!?

  • Plan on eating breakfast at least 3 times in the next 7 days.  If you can do 4 days…great!  If you get all 7…AWESOME!  We will give you an air high 5.  😉
  • Send us a message at smallchangesbigpicture@gmail.com to let us know you are participating.  We’d love to see some pics of your meals too!  You might inspire someone else to try something new if they see your pic.  Just e-mail it to us or send it to our Twitter or Instagram link.  (at the end of this page).
  • Share this with your friends and family by hitting “like”, favorite, Pin it, sharing on your page, writing a comment or two…because the more people that participate, the more we can spread the word about the way challenges can be a positive experience that really can be done.

Everyone who tries is just making a step towards getting healthier.  That seriously makes you a winner in my book…(and if you record how you felt and what you did during this challenge…you will see for yourself that you are a winner, cause you will make progress my friend…you really will!)

*Look for the next weekly challenge on Monday, September 22nd!*  

Want to find more of our challenges?  Check out this page…it has all the details:  Challenges at The Journey

– Jessica

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