Weekly Challenge #104…Just One Thing

Jessica photo for The JourneyI know I missed #103…and I will come back to that.  This blogging mommy of three got sick.  😦  (you can all let out an “awe” for me…cause if you are a mom you already know that moms get no time off so any compassion thrown my way would be amazing…and I’ll do the same for you…you just gotta send me an e-mail when you are sick and fighting mommy battles and that “awe” will be in your inbox.)

Weekly Challenge #104

#104 is basically my life at this very moment.  Why?  Well…because my stomach is a huge oblong mess and feels like I will hurl at any given moment at all times of the day.  I’m not pregnant…so no comments on that one…I am just a women with a messed up tummy.

I did manage to throw an entire box of Saltines down my throat over the last two days and also 2 bananas…but that is about it other than a waffle I made last night and a bowl of very plain and not so tasty rice.  My food choices are very blah at this moment in time and I know some day I will be able to eat again without feeling like my tummy is going to throw everything back out.  For now…I am trying to figure this whole tummy thing out and learn what I’m eating since I am pretty much starting with a clean slate.  (Oh…I still had my coffee…I won’t give that up…that is how I manage to write and talk things in a coherent sentence.  😉

My clean slate led me to have a different perspective on foods though this week.  I’ve had no pop and no desire for any pop since my stomach started turning and thought maybe it was time to just cut that out entirely…again.  (I’ve tried before…you can read that journey here and here).  As I sat shoving dry crackers in my mouth I wondered what was truly in some of the foods/drinks I was eating before I was sick…and then I had a conversation with an amazing women that stopped me almost dead in my sip of “non-water” drink.

I was having a casual conversation that turned somewhat awkward.  Imagine yourself sitting at a table with basically strangers (met them once before), you are a “leader” for this group and at that moment in time you are exhausted…but smiling.  It’s been a long day already.  You have in front of you a water type of drink that has a little pizzazz…but it isn’t water.  It isn’t pop and it isn’t juice.  It is something in the mix of all that.

You start to get comfy, talk a bit now and then and listen (I am really good at listening!)…and the conversation goes a little something like this (as everyone in the group is staring at what you put on the table):

“My doctor says that I shouldn’t eat strawberries…too many pesticides on those that can’t be washed off that fruit.  He also said to only drink water.  No pop.  Nothing with carbonation.  Just water.”

I know that this particular person has fought for her life and if a doctor is telling her this information so she can live…there is probably some good advice there.  I do live in one of the biggest medical towns in the US…so I should listen up.  Plus, I’ve heard over and over again how pop is bad.  I really can’t deny that.  It is everywhere.  I’ve even had my own findings from the last time I dropped the pop (read it here if you’d like!)  My guess was that the drink in front of me probably wasn’t the healthiest either but it was closer to water than pop…or so I thought.

I did take a closer look at the ingredient list on this drink and was shocked (ok, not really) to see a huge list of ingredients on this bottle…similar to what is on my favorite selection of pop.  The choice that I thought was healthier really wasn’t.

#104 just one thingThis is what our weekly challenge is about…being more aware of what we are eating or drinking on a regular basis.  Take that box or bag or even bottle and read what it is that you are putting into your body.  The particular item I was drinking had no sugar and no calories but it had a whole lot of other stuff in it that I couldn’t even pronounce.

This week I challenge you to take the challenge at The Journey and read what it is that you are putting into your body.  Take the next step and do a little bit of research to see what those ingredients are…there are some great ones out there and I have learned that there are others that are actually very bad for us…and yet we consume these without even taking a second thought.

TALK TO US…share what you are thinking about and finding in the comments.  Here are a few questions to help get you started in chatting with the women here at The Journey:

  • What item did you read the ingredient list on?
  • What information did you find out about a specific ingredient on that list?
  • Where does that ingredient come from?
  • Have your thoughts on this particular food item changed at all or will you continue to consume the item?

Looking for another way to dig a little deeper and figure out what you are eating and drinking?  Check out these additional blog posts that we have written at The Journey!

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