Cutting Out The Soda…an update ;)

Jessica photo for The JourneyI have fought the soda battle for years.  Seriously…I grew up with hiding cans of Diet Coke under the sink cabinet as I got ready for school in high school.  (yes mom…I am the one who drank your pop)  I’d get to school and then grab a Mountain dew.  7:30am groupies.  That was my breakfast.

The soda habit didn’t stop when I left the house after my high school years.  College came into the picture and let’s be honest…hardly anyone comes out of college with habits that are healthier than what they were brought up already doing.  There is a reason why there is a saying “the freshman 15”.

September 28th, 2014 was the last day that I had a sip of soda, specifically, Diet Pepsi.  Amazingly I have survived getting over this habit of drinking pop.  Every day wasn’t easy and this is still a process for me but as each day goes forward I am getting stronger in knowing that I can beat this.  This was truly an addiction AND a habit in my life…and the cravings are very real.  I know it is important to make this healthy change and my body works better when I don’t drink this stuff…I’ve talked about that in previous posts.

Here are a few tips that helped me get rid of the pop addiction this round (and I have no intention of ever going back):

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    Don’t buy it.  I haven’t had a case of pop in the house or bought a bottle at any point since September 28th.  If I don’t buy it…I can’t drink it.

  • Find Alternatives.  My downfall was going to the gas station (about every other day) and grabbing a Diet Pepsi.  I was thirsty and wasn’t going to be home for a few hours and that was just the easy thing to do.  When the pop was on sale I could get 2 bottles of the carbonated beverage at a better price and it seemed like a win for me…yet it was just making me dive further into my pop addiction and bad habits.  If I was at the gas station I told myself that I could not buy a Diet Pepsi.  Water would be ok, Vitamin Water or a V8…those were what I was ok purchasing at the gas station.
  • Water, water, water!  I know we stress water quite a bit here at The Journey and the reason really is because most of us aren’t getting enough.  I can already tell you that today…I am probably at least a full glass short.  I started carrying it with me everywhere though during this transition from pop.  If I was in the car…I had a water bottle.  If I was at the gym teaching LiveSTRONG…I had water.  If I was driving to the store…I had water with me.  I just fill it up and have it close by at all times.  I did get to try out a special water bottle that really helped me see how much water I was truly drinking and it is called the Hydr-8.  I’ll write some more about this water bottle in a sec…
  • Listen, realize and accept.  This one may seem a bit odd for some of you but I really had to listen to what my body was saying when I had a craving for pop.  There were times I was in a restaurant and could have easily said, “Diet Pepsi” when it was my turn to order…cause I have had pop with my meal at a restaurant since about…oh…forever.  My kids were even programmed to ask me at the checkout line in the grocery store if I wanted a Diet Pepsi.  My kids have handed me a Diet Pepsi at the store and I have refused…which is a victory in my book.  I am realizing all these cues and listening as I go through the same processes I did before…but this time I don’t follow the same path and I accept that this is better for me.

wpid-img_20140926_164921812.jpgThis new water bottle that I tried was the Hydr-8.  The bottle is designed with times on the bottle so you can see when and how much water you are supposed to be drinking.  It is up to you to actually take that sip…but when I didn’t have anything else in the house to drink…it made the choice easy…and I could see if the sip I was taking was enough for that portion of the day.

For the first 2 weeks I used this water bottle every single day.  I didn’t always get it right…some days I got the right amount…other days I tried but didn’t reach my goal.  Overall though, it did help me stay on track and know how much water I was drinking rather than record it in an app or on a piece of paper.  The bottle I have is a bit bulky for me personally but another one is now available on their website that is smaller and fits in the cup holders of cars.

Check out the water bottles at if you need help getting more water in your own body and let them know that The Journey sent ya!  You can also find them on Facebook…so check out their Facebook page and give them a “like”.


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