Facebook Fickleness…time for some page sharing!

Jessica photo for The JourneyPage admins on Facebook…I know you are probably having some of those days that are just downright frustrating.  You put out one of your most fabulous status updates ever only to have…5 people view it.

You know what I’m talking about, page admins.  I’ve even given it a name…I call it the Facebook Fickleness.  😉

Today I’ll share a few of my favorite pics to help you get motivated and also a few new page friends…cause we like to share you since you share us.  It is called working together in this Facebook Fickleness type of social media world that we are in.

...you gotta admit, this is funny.  :)

…you gotta admit, this is funny. 🙂

have fun

Go have fun! If you figure out what makes you smile AND sweat…you will keep it on your to-do list and actually check it off.

I know, right!?

I know, right!?

Ok…enough of that.  ON WITH THE PAGES!  Every Sunday we do a SHARE 4 SHARE on our Facebook page.  It is pretty simple…look for the post that says “SHARE 4 SHARE” and just follow the details, which are pretty much…share The Journey on your site and write “done” in the comments.

Here are the pages that shared this past Sunday that you should take 5 seconds and check out!

  • narrow roadNarrow Road Coffee.  I may have a little in with this one…cause I am part owner…and drink it every…single…day.  Call me a coffee snob if you must…but it seriously is way better than the stuff you will buy on a shelf.  Fresh coffee, roasted right in my town of Rochester, MN.  We ship.  We sell a variety of sizes.  I actually seal the bags and am the person that sends them off for shipment…so my hands will have touched your bag you purchase.  *don’t worry…it is not right after I have been at the gym.  🙂  Check out the website and Facebook page cause in December we have some giveaways planned and you will only find out about them through their Facebook page.  So go hit “like”!                                                                                             Narrow Road Coffee website:  www.narrowroadcoffee.org                                                Narrow Road Coffee Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/narrowrdcoffee
  • Fit is a Choice.  Great Facebook page that posts some great information.  The page admin is a personal trainer and the info she is providing on her page is spot on.  Check out the page at www.facebook.com/fitisachoice and let her know that The Journey sent you!
  • Healthy, Happy and Hands Free. Great, inspirational site with some really fun and motivating ideas.  I’ve seen a lot from this page this past week…great ideas!  Go hit “like” at this page too!  https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=400718856730191
  • Bold Fit Mom.  This is a person who is a Strong Figure Ambassador…just like me!  😉  Great site with some tips that will help take you to that next level.  Go find this page and tell her “hi”…and that The Journey sent ya! www.facebook.com/aboldfitmom
  • Former Fitness Flunky.  A newer page that has some great articles posted and motivational pics.  My favorite…and what I will be looking at tomorrow…the post about fall recipes.  Gotta be honest…we had eggs for supper…and bananas.  😉  Thanks for sharing our page!  Everyone…head on over and hit that “like”!  Http://Www.Facebook.com/formerfitnessflunky

Thanks to all the page admins for the page shares!  Feel free to stop back on Sunday and join in on the fun again…and tell your friends too.  😉

connectThanks for being part of The Journey!  Take a sec and follow our blog so you don’t miss our posts coming up.  You can also find us at the following places:


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