Ho Ho Hold On

So yesterday we drove past the gym that we use at my husbands work.  Its a great perk we both have, working at universities, to have access (free access nonetheless) to high quality equipment…the downside is generally when classes aren’t in session over holiday breaks, the gym is closed.  No students=no one to work the desks.  The parking lot had a few scattered cars, but for the most part was empty.  Again, this is understandable since we are home on holiday break…but then we drove past the city rec and guess what…SAME THING!  That lot was almost like a ghost town.  I had to wonder out of the handful of cars how many were members there to workout and ow many were employees?!?!  Easy to sit and judge from my car right?

I openly admit that I am heavier now than I want to be.  I haven’t’ had a good sweat inducing, heart pumping workout in a while it seems between schedule madness and my bad hip, and those aren’t excuses so much as explanations.  I’m still walking as much as I can, and doing what I can of the workouts that were part of my normal holiday routine, but overall its been a rough few weeks.  the fact that it was (is) the holiday season has made it that much worse.  But in my new mindset of “acceptance” I am trying to take a positive approach on things.

This morning my mini me and I rose from bed, came downstairs, took out the dog and got drinks.  We are parched girls after sleeping all night.  I decided to start one of my resolutions today…why wait a few more days?!?1  I keep reading about the benefits of a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning.  This is a HUGE change from my coffee, but I feel just sluggish and slothlike enough to give it a go.  My first thought was that I could start with the water and then have coffee…but honestly, I just didn’t even want the coffee afterwards.

This got me back to thinking about eh deserted parking lots at the gyms, and how VERY different they will look next week when everyone has the need to prove that this is the year their resolutions will stick.  This is the year they will take off the extra weight and start fresh.  I plan to get my butt back into the right shape, but I’m not waiting…I know, I know…a whole 3 days early…but that is three days closer to a healthier, happier me!

I know I can get where I want to be on the scale, it will take time, and THAT is where it all comes back to acceptance.  I accept that I will not have overnight, immediate results….what i DON’T accept anymore is my own sad, pathetic excuses for not working out.  even with this pain in my hip, I can do upper body workouts, i can walk…maybe even some intense yoga would be the ticket to feeling better…i wont know until I have gotten up and tried…not just sat around thinking about hoe much i want to try.

So with that in mind…I start my list o’ resolutions…
1) be mindful of my overall health

The list will grow as I do (in thought not size hopefully)!  What goals are on your list for 2015?

Yours on The Journey!


shannon the journey


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