JANUARY GIVEAWAY: the amazing, awesome time for a hat

Jessica photo for The JourneyI have a new appreciation for staying warm…and in my neck of the woods, it gets cold.  It gets REALLY cold!

My week was full of cold fun…and not so much fun.  I wore more layers this past week and became very familiar with fleece…and at one point used all the hot water for my shower.  (sorry…but not too sorry to my daughter and hubby who went to use the shower after me.  😉  Here is a glimpse at the chilly factor…and a few reasons why my fingers were frozen.

  • Monday:  News stations in my area start to say that this week is gonna be nasty.  Cold, cold, cold temps.  Maybe even the coldest we will see this year.  That is the news you want to hear, right?…on a Monday too.
  • Wednesday, the temps with windchill were down towards -38.  I was up and outside in those temps on my way to the gym.  It was lovely.  :/  My kids even had school cancelled because the temps were not safe for them to be outside.
  • Thursday:  blizzard…yep, full out blizzard.  Our district was the only one in the area that didn’t let out early (my kids were thrilled about that).
  • Friday, my kiddos had a late start because of the temps.  We also went to a hockey game (Go Ice Hawks!)  that night and sat in an ice arena…with our coats, hats and gloves on.  We did this willingly because it is fun!  (I once thought my youngest should do hockey…I have since changed my mind.)
  • Saturday:  my feet were unusually cold as I got out of bed.  Turns out, our furnace died sometime while we were sleeping.
  • all weekend…no heat…just curled up and snuggled by a wood fireplace.  It was like camping inside our house.  *did you know that there is a show on Netflix that is just a fireplace crackling on the screen?  No heat is produced from that fireplace though.  😉
  • Monday (just a few days ago):  waiting to find out if the amazing people called “furnace guys” would be performing a miracle and installing a new furnace.  No heat.  No fireplace going (because it wasn’t a for sure they were coming and I had to work).  My fingers were ice cold.  Seriously.  At times I put them under hot water and even blew on them.  My bones were chilled.  I did what any Minnesotan would do in the winter, in their house without heat…you put your favorite hat on!

About a year ago I had reached out to a friend in the area about donating an item to The Journey for a giveaway.  She makes the CUTEST stuff!  You all should know about her and see her stuff and since many of you live in cold areas but don’t know my friend, Marlo…we are bringing her to YOU!  She is even donating an item that ONE OF YOU WILL WIN! and has a SPECIAL DEAL for readers of The Journey.

January 2015 giveawayTHE GIVEAWAY ITEM:  HAT FROM RANDOM THOUGHTS CROCHET.  (sharing below how to enter to WIN!)  My daughter and I both have a hat that we just adore.  In fact…other people adore them too.  I have heard “that’s a cute hat” probably over 100 times since I’ve put that hat on my head…and yes, by complete strangers.  I’ve been walking on a sidewalk, in Trader Joe’s, WalMart, Target, kids’ school, at the gym…it really is an endless opportunity to meet new people.  😉  Just last night I was at the library with my kiddos and a little girl…probably about 10 years old…came up to me wanting me to open up her bottle of Mountain Dew.  (we will talk about that issue another time…) and after I did open it for her (while wanting to throw it in the trash and hand her a bottle of water) she said with the most adorable smile, “That’s a really cute hat.  I really like it.”  Stranger.  Kid to an adult.  I was also dressed in all black and looked like a ninja…and she still came up to me.  It was precious.  I almost forgot she was now going to go drink more sugar and caffeine than her little body should be having at 7pm.

DEAL JUST FOR THE JOURNEY!  If you are reading this…you are part of The Journey…so this deal is for you!  Her hats sell for $22 but she has a few that she is willing to sell, just for you, for $15.  They are so warm and cozy…and adorable.  You won’t regret this purchase.  The sale only lasts until February 14th though…so act fast…and quantities are limited.  Want to purchase one?  Contact Marlo at email@zoselfamily.com  *shipping may be extra

giveawayHOW TO WIN THE HAT GIVEAWAY!  It is simple.  We even have a few options for you!  🙂

  1. Comment on this post  and Share (details below) OR…Comment on our Facebook post that you can find here and Share. 
  2. Share this in some way…and tell us how you shared it.  The social media world has made this very easy for you…we even have some links to Pinterest and other avenues where it just takes a click.  Contest ends January 31st…so just go share it now before you forget.

The more people that know about The Journey…the more we will spread a positive way to get healthy, the more stories we will have to inspire others, the more women we can show that being beautiful is not just found by a number on a scale, the more food we can try that is a healthier alternative and the more workouts and playlists we can share to more people to get them moving.


colors of hats for sale


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