My fitspiration-an honest look in the mirror

I stumbled across this picture  the other day (as you  may have seen on my facebook page) and honest  to  goodness, my first thought was “I HAVE to blog  about this.”  It has been a long time since I have felt that strongly about needing to get my thoughts out and I think this is all part of my overall “acceptance” of things.  I need top keep  moving forward and finding the things that I can own, that I can hold myself to, and these two ah-may-zing blogs I am fortunate to be a part  of,  both Waits and Measure(ments)s and The Journey, allow me to  do that.

I  have challenged myself this  year  to do right by ME.  I took the time (and bravery) to take physical measurements and put them out there to all of you.   Numbers in print that can’t be taken back…well, I  mean I could delete the post but we all know once its in cyberspace it is  there forever.  I have been working through the pain in my hip, I have been trying to focus.  The past few months have been hard.   My who-knows-why-my -hip-hurts chronic pain, yep I said  chronic.  Did you know that if you suffer  from pain for  more than six weeks it’s considered chronic?  I didn’t until my doc told me. My poor husband with his back pain that turns out to be not one but TWO herniated discs and just keeps  plugging away as best  he can.  The winter blues, thee kids activities, life in general.  It’s so easy to get bogged down, and that is not  good.  It (at  least for me) leads  to feeling blue  and that  leads to overeating which leads to guilt  which leads to more eating, which ultimately leads to your pants feeling just  THAT much to tight.  I know, I  have been living it.

I was feeling puffy and gross and shameful for allowing myself to get  this way.  How does someone who writes for  not  one but TWO health focused blogs spiral down like  this?  Could you feel my shame,  I mean, I fell off  the face of  the earth with my blogging.  I  wanted to disappear, but I didn’t. My family inspired me, as they always seem to do.

When my hubby and I went to see  the kinesiologist  we found the reason for  my hip pain, at least  part of  it…bad foot.  Crazy I know,  but the doc gave me an orthotic insert and I felt relief for  the first time in a long time.  While there, both the hubs and I took a nutrition survey for toxicity.  WOW was I shocked.  I mean, I know that we  don’t always eat what we  should, I know that I don’t exercise as much as I should…but there is SO much more than that when figuring out why you feel the way you do.  The survey covered topics like: digestion, ears, emotions, energy, weight, head, skin…to name a few.  It asked about our risk exposure  ton  things like household chemicals, pesticides, and pets.  Once we finished, after picking my jaw up from the floor, I knew it was time to do something about it.

We took home the detox cleans the doc suggested  and read through what we needed to do and decided to get started.  This was  all before the herniated discs were actually diagnosed…just severe pain for  my poor hubby.  It got to  the point where he  knew after no  relief came from the AK doc that he  needed to  see  someone how would help with the pain.  With that in mind,  we decided to put the cleanse on the back burner for a few (who wants to  cleanse pain meds out when you feel as   awful as  he does).

Fast forward  a few weeks and we are on the long wait to see  the spinal surgeon, so meds are in place for a while.  Dear hubby encouraged me to  go ahead  and start  the cleanse, he can always do  later.  So I do…I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I felt after just a few days.  The puffiness and bloating I’d been carrying in my midsection is gone.  My hubs even said my face looked less puffy and more sculpted like  it used to.  I  got  complimented at work by someone who said I looked as though I  was “glowing”.  All of this from detoxing?!?!  I mean, I wont get into the details but my little 5’2 frame was really holding onto a lot of stuff it shouldn’t have been.

So as I am progressing, my hubby goes to see  a pain management doc.  The pain management doc is having him  wait on pain blockers until he tries some water therapy…ok, at least  we have something in place now.  I am feeling pretty good at this point but still not getting back on the workout trail.  Do you ever feel guilty for working out when someone else can’t?  My  hubby has ALWAYS been my workout buddy.  He pushes me to keep going, keep getting stronger, and with him WANTING to work out and not being able to I felt as though I couldn’t or at least shouldn’t enjoy those endorphins without him.  And because he knows me so  well, he knew  I was stalling.

He told me that I was NOT to wait  for  him, that if he  was  able he’d be working out everyday, and I know he means it.  So I  hit the mat.  I am aiming high too for just really coming back.  I figure February is a short month so why not try to do SOMETHING everyday.  Whether its walking, a full on cardio or  strength workout…whatever….as long as  its something!  AND even better, PT has encouraged swimming for the hubs, its supposed to be a great way to  workout with herniated discs s o  he is re-upping the rec membership so he can start to swim and try and get himself back on track and stronger  and more fit wile still dealing with this pain.

Its funny because I have really only been out of my routine for about 6-8 weeks which in the grand scheme isn’t a lot, but even with the setbacks I must have been doing something right.  My kiddos (well  the little one at least) actually will sit and watch and CHEER for me as I burn those calories,

and then they hit the mat together too.    They know the importance of it.

the girls  doing a little yoga together 🙂

So we are moving forward, and finding/making better choices and I feel like there  are  some GREAT things on the horizon for  my  little family!  Feeling fit-spired!

Yours on The Journey!


shannon the journey


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