Squat Challenge…with knowledge, not numbers

Jessica photo for The JourneySQUAT CHALLENGE – starting on Friday, April 24th!  If you’d like in on this challenge you should keep reading and find out how to join us.  Just reading our website is not gonna work for this one.  😉

I’ve shared my concern with challenges that are posted on the web these days…and there seems to be a particular trend in the fitness industry where you can post info, have people follow it but not have to answer questions on how you got the info for the challenge or validate the reasons why people should follow it in the first place.

trueA lot of the big names out there in the fitness industry are sharing this viewpoint of mine.  It is like that picture floating out there in the Google world of images where Abraham Lincoln is posing and the quote by him says something like, “All things posted on the internet are true.” signed Abraham Lincoln, like he said it.  😉

As a person who was starting in this journey just about 5 years ago…I soaked in everything that I could.  I was a sponge and read everything I got my hands on.  I tried things that were posted out there.  I succeeded with some of the info shared and I hurt myself because of others.  I put my body into starvation mode because I took the advice of a big name with bad info on what to eat.  I quit eating certain foods because I was scared of what was in it because I was told I should be or that it was bad for my body.  I felt bad about how I looked because of shirts that kept disappearing on bodies on these sites or butts and abs were revealed as their clothing was cinched up to reveal their muscles.

Making people feel bad…giving them fear…putting them in a place where they are set up to fail (especially without your products that you later try to sell) is just wrong.  These past months I have been a bit on the quiet side because my family moved…but this particular topic was also bothering me…a lot.  I was disgusted by what I was seeing and the fact that people were hitting that “like” and share button on posts that were far from accurate.

It is one thing to work hard for what your body has achieved and be proud of that accomplishment…but to post a pic every single day with your challenge and what you are selling, have bad advice with it or bad form that can lead people to injuries and share that with the world…telling them to try it…that is a problem for me.

Am I perfect?  Far from it.  If there is ever anything though that someone wants to correct me on, I will listen and have a discussion and if I am wrong, I’ll share the better info.  Right now those discussions aren’t happening and it is becoming a fitness feud out there in the online community and the trending answer to solve the dispute is to just hit the word “block” and have comments deleted.  Sounds like the perfectly honest solution and safest for you the consumer, right?

My PSA for the day is this:  Educate yourself and question every single thing (yes…EVERY SINGLE THING!) that you see on the fitness and health boards, pages, Instagram accounts and Twitter…because it is not all true.  Do your own research but listen and read advice from several places.  Don’t pick just one…because that could be the one that isn’t quite accurate.  If you would like to know my pics for the best advice…just ask.  🙂


Today I am sharing with you a way to not only challenge yourself but also educate yourself…all in the realm of squats.  I know, you are so excited your quads are already starting to burn.  😉

Here is what you will get…and I’ll be totally upfront and honest…

  • you will get stronger legs
  • and knowledge on how to make your body continue to get stronger
  • and how to continue to progress with squats.
  • you will be held accountable…to help you with your form and to help you finish this challenge.
  • your questions answered.  If I don’t know the answer…I’ll find it for you from a reputable source.
  • a list of great resources that can help you with your journey.  These are the experts who have been in the biz for years.  These are the experts that have done the research and some…even some testing…to make sure that the info they are providing is the best it can be.  That right there is just plain awesome.

Here is what you won’t get…and I’ll be totally upfront and honest again…

  • a calendar with a butt of a naked women on it that claims you will be able to increase your squat amounts by X amount of numbers by day 30.
  • you won’t lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks – cause I can change my weight by 5 to 8 pounds in a day if I wanted to…so a claim of 10 pounds in 2 weeks doesn’t tell you why or what you are losing.  If pounds and that number on a scale is a big thing for you…take a sec and read this.
  • you won’t be able to wear your booty shorts in 12 days or have abs in 10 days with these simple moves.  Words like this just make me want to yell “shut up”…cause it is such a load of crap.
  • you won’t want to do these exercises every day…and I get that.  I don’t want to go to the gym every day either.  This really is a matter of 2 things though.  First…your body doesn’t want you to work the same body parts every single day.  They need a break.  You tear those muscles apart and that is the pain you feel 24 hrs to 48 hrs after you exercise…and the muscles have to heal up.  Recover and rest is important and necessary.  Without it, you could get injured or you won’t have the progress that you thought would happen.  Second…you have to figure out what you really want.  If you don’t want to make getting healthier with foods or making that body healthier with exercise a priority…you won’t.  Plain and simple.  It really starts in the mind.  You gotta do this for you.  You have to put the time in for you.  You have to decide if you are ready…because you are the one that has to do the work.  Getting up early.  Reading.  Practicing.  Buying different foods.  Everything we do takes work…it is just a matter of deciding what work is more important to us.

Want to be part of the Squat Challenge?  I promise that your form will get better & you will have more knowledge about how to do a squat and squat varieties than you did before (unless you are already a fitness expert and shared the knowledge with me…if that is you, you shouldn’t be part of this and should just know you are awesome.  🙂

To be part of the challenge you need to e-mail us at The Journey at smallchangesbigpicture@gmail.com and put “Squat Challenge” in the subject line.  We would love to have you be part of this fun event…but here is the kicker…it is only going to be done through e-mail…so you won’t get the info on our website.

Why only through e-mail?  Funny you should ask.  😉  E-mail helps us keep you accountable.  In other words, you have a better chance at actually finishing the challenge if we start communicating with you.  We won’t sell your address.  We won’t try to sell you anything.  We just want to help you out.  No strings attached.

We already have a handful of YOU signed up…and will start this challenge on Friday.  If you’d like to join us…send us your e-mail.  We’d love to chat with you and have you join us!


connectThanks for being part of The Journey!  Take a sec and follow our blog so you don’t miss our posts coming up.  You can also find us at the following places:


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