Clear Your Mind of Can’t

Jessica photo for The JourneyMy life has been consumed with a few things lately…and even through all the changes going on in my own life, I haven’t let the word “can’t” sneak in.

What changes are going on?  Our family moved almost 4 months ago.  Besides being part of one of the worst real estate transactions I have experienced (or at least the top 5)…and I was a Realtor…the moving part is just something I never want to do again with three kids, a dog and a husband.

I would love to tell you that I am sitting in a room where everything is now all put away and organized but that truly is far from the truth.  I have two rooms full of crap that I have no idea where it is going to go.  We have no pictures on the wall other than the ones I put up on nails already in the wall just because I wanted them off the floor to make room for boxes coming.  We have ceilings that were torn out because the almost 40 year old toilets are…well, old and don’t work quite right…and caused water to go all the way to the basement level by a 7 year old using the toilet.  We found out that the seller was not as truthful as she should have been to us and now we are figuring out what all that means.

The setting though…truly priceless.  I have some weeding to do (like 3 acres worth), lots of painting and organizing…but my kids love where we live and so do we.  We have 2 horses next door that we can talk to and pet but don’t have to take care of.  😉  (Bonus!)  A rooster next door likes to let us know that he is awake all hours of the day.  Deer roam freely all around us…and sometimes very close to us.  I basically feel like I am living in a cabin…every single day.  Add a few days where the well doesn’t want to work and it is sometimes like cabin living too.  😉  My teenager loves that part!

That’s just the changes going on in my personal life…although HUGE!

Workwise…I am now the LiveSTRONG Member Engagement Coordinator at the Rochester Area Family Y in Rochester, Minnesota.  I still teach classes and do that part of what I love to do but now I work one-on-one with cancer survivors.  I talk with them before, during and after the program and am their contact person.  If someone wants to get in to the LiveSTRONG program…they talk with me.  I’ve got the lists and the paperwork and make up the 12 cancer survivors that are in each session.  I get to watch them change in those 12 weeks to being people that know they need help getting active again…to being someone who is confident that they are stronger and healthier than they were prior to starting LiveSTRONG.

I posted earlier today on our Facebook page this picture that says “Clear your mind of can’t”.  I know people are struggling in so many different areas of getting healthy…from eating the right foods, moving more, conquering fears they might have, just starting this whole health thing, addictions to whatever might be pulling at you, balance…the list really is a huge one…and everyone has something.  I’ve got my own stuff too.

11535888_10153283641255971_2177794522724346215_nI posted that picture today because I do get to hear a lot of stories.  Stories where the word “can’t” seems to take over.  I hear stories from people who have been on their journey forever and look like everything is together…figured out…but sometimes it is just a picture.  The outside looks great but the inside is all torn apart.  Balance is not in the picture.  I hear stories from people who have found what they love to do and are doing it…stepping over those obstacles in their path…and making it happen.  Then, one of those obstacles get in their way and their tactics for how they overcame them don’t work for the one, stubborn habit they just can’t get rid of.  Failure sets in and they start to turn around in their journey.  I also hear the stories of those who try one product after another…only to seem to gain more weight a few years later than they had put on previously.  They see the next fad and reach for it hoping that this one will be the last…and just put that credit card number into the online screen that sends them their next product.  They don’t understand the science part of what they are doing…because it is a known fact that the majority of people will gain more weight with fad diets.  They are trying and feel helpless and keep grasping at the next new thing to help.  I also know people personally who have been what I like to call…”the regulars”…and then one day they aren’t there.  Their workouts stopped.  I hear them talk about how they want to lose weight or they need to get back to the gym…but still don’t see them.

03ef698d8f19777fd7daf8b01ff43207There is one place though where the word “can’t” isn’t taking the win.  LiveSTRONG.

I have piles and piles of stories I could tell you about how the word “can’t” isn’t winning in that LiveSTRONG room.  Each time I hear one…it helps me remember that I truly have nothing to whine, complain or stay in bed for each morning.  If these individuals who are on chemo, radiation and some on clinical trials can get to the gym and workout…there is absolutely NO reason why I can’t.

Tomorrow I will be graduating 10 of our LiveSTRONG participants.  All cancer survivors.  All have fought something that was meant to kill them.  Some are still fighting…hard.  The determination they have though to be in that room every week with their group sometimes means that they were at Mayo Clinic all morning for treatment and then rush over to the gym to be with their group and exercise.

Say that last sentence out loud…because you need to realize the full extent of what that means.  Someone was poked, had IV’s attached to their body, have drugs in their body destroying every cancer cell possible and other things as well.  They are exhausted not only from a lack of sleep from being at a clinic all morning but because the drugs they take and being pumped in their body keeps them awake so sleep is not a normal part of their night anymore.  Add the chemo fatigue on top of that and it is amazing they are still awake at 1pm in the afternoon.  Stress.  Emotions.  Changes in physical appearance as a result of the drugs.  Doctors appointments all the time.  Knowing what you could do last summer is not possible this summer.

…all that…and still going to the gym to workout.

The word “can’t” is huge.  It can take over your life.  When something else though threatens your life…you realize that you CAN do so many things.  Don’t wait for that moment to realize that CAN is truly where you are right now.

  • When you say “I can’t workout today”…is it true?
  • When you say “I can’t eat salad when I go out to the restaurant.”…is it true?
  • When you say “I can’t find 30 minutes today to do the video or go for a walk.”…is it true?
  • When you say “I can’t eat that healthy froo-froo food.”…is it true?
  • When you say “I can’t do this”…is it true?

I now know 42 LiveSTRONG graduates, who are all cancer survivors, that would tell you…“If I can do it, so can you!”  

Need help figuring out where to start?  We have some great challenges that you can do on your own.  Check them out here.


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