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Jessica photo for The JourneyAll the moms in the world are posting their back to school pics of their babies.  Their little ones are off for another year of learning, a year of growing and being a sponge of everything they can.  My kiddos go back on September 8th…so I have a little time still to treasure their sweet faces and messes they create and they live each day.  I have stepped on 1,001,563 Legos this summer.  I know the mess that comes with the word “boy”.

Moms…I have a challenge for you! (Hold your horses, cause I know the “mom” word doesn’t apply to everyone…If you aren’t a mom, you are a woman, a man, a person in this world that is watching all this learning going on around you.  Follow the lead of the kids that are starting those new educations and watch their minds expand and their creativity challenged in new ways.)

Here is the challenge:  (2 parts)

you are worth it#1  Own up to the phrase “I will get back into/start a workout routine when the kids go back to school.  Seriously.  I have heard this phrase a kazillion times from moms and individuals all summer long.  All.Summer.  Kazillion.  It’s driving me crazy.  Reality is though…your body doesn’t really care when summer and fall starts or what that school year time frame is.  Your body does not use the “First day of school” pictures as a guide on when exercise should be added in.  Your body needs you to take care of it right now.  Not in 2 weeks.  Not when you have another 30 minutes free.  Not when you have a different schedule.  You are important enough to put the words “EXERCISE” in your Google Calendar and find 30 minutes or more.  You are.

I did some math.  If your summer is like my summer, you had

  • 13 weeks where kiddos were out of school.  13.
  • 13 weeks is 1/4 of your year.  25%.
  • If you are only making your health a priority for 75% of the year, know that you need to be ok with progress not being 100%.  
  • Taking care of yourself for only 75% of the time is like saying, I am going to drive from New York to California.  I’ll keep enough food and water for myself and take my car to get serviced for tune ups and gas up until around South Dakota.  After that…I’m just gonna cruise.  I’m gonna hit mountains and have bridges to cross, but I’ll be fine.  I’ll just deal with all that when I get to California.  You can’t expect to make progress in your destination if you don’t take care of everything that is needed the entire distance.
  • In 13 weeks, you have 91 days.

#2  Follow your kids’ leads.  Every child has something that they truly fall in love with in school and there seems to be this joy as they get ready to learn.  Some…science.  Others…art.  I know kids that just love to be around everyone else and learning is the other reason they are in school.  😉

  • Be a kid.  Find the joy in what you want to do to help your body be better.  If running is your form of awesome and your body likes it, do that.  If your body likes to start talking to you in ways that say “I hurt” as you run, find something else that you think is fun.  You don’t have to be a runner in order to check off that box that says “exercise” in your to-do.  I’m a big fan right here of not running.  😉
  • Try to remove the fear associated with the term “exercise” or a type of exercise and just go in with the attitude of “Let’s just try this today.”  If you never try, you will never know if that is what you love to do.  Here are a few ways I tried new things… 😉  This might take time (once took me 3 weeks to get enough courage to try a power rack)…and that is ok.  But…you have EVERY RIGHT to try new things.  Not one person, not one body type, not one gender has control over a specific area of a gym or sport.  Not one.
  • It’s time to play.  🙂  Every time I talk with the cancer survivors that I work with I share with them have funthat we will be playing in the fitness center and starting with baby steps.  Playing.  If I tag the word “exercise” or “cardio” to the room…it doesn’t seem as fun.  But IT IS fun…if that is what you like to do and you change your mindset a bit.  I also let them know that if something hurts or doesn’t feel quite right…don’t do it but DO go find something else that works.
  • Soak up the info.  Teachers bring some amazing info to the minds of our kids.  We also have the library, Google and other outlets and credible sources.  See that word “credible”.  I learned that one from my 13 year old.  She can’t use sources online in her classes other than specific ones…and fyi…that does not include blogs.  Her teacher is strict about this and I am SO glad she is learning that a blog someone writes doesn’t equal credible.  Yes, I know, this is a blog.  😉  We need to follow the lead with our kiddos in this aspect as well and pay attention to what we are actually soaking up as adults in regards to info related to health and fitness.  There is a bunch of crap out there that will fill your mind with false hopes, info and stuff that just doesn’t pertain to the body that you have.  Monitor what you are reading and looking at as inspiration otherwise you will just be repeating history when you need to start your next “diet” since the one you read about didn’t work the way you thought it should.

Moms…it is time for YOU.  It is time to get the kids out the door, off our arms and legs clinging to stay with us for just one more week.  It is time to show our kids that no matter what our schedule looks like…WE are important too…and just as important as their little lives and packed schedules of activities and homework.

  • Moms…if you don’t do this for you now, there will be a time in your life when you will look back and wish you did.
  • Moms…if you don’t do this for you now, there will be a time in your life when your kids look back and wish you did this for you…as well as showed them how to make living a healthy life a priority.

free stuffMoms…are you ready?  You in?  Those who want in…I have some fun stuff planned for you!  FREE workouts.  FREE recipes.  FREE accountability.  FYI…it is free.  😉  Sign up at this link by September 7th!  LINK -RIGHT HERE – DON”T MISS IT!

Now…go tell all your other mom friends.  🙂  Go ahead…sharing takes like a second and I know you will be on Facebook or Twitter…or snapping those back to school pics and posting them all over social media way longer than it takes to share this post.  😉

*Jessica – mom to three kiddos who somehow grew to be 13, 10 and 7 years old.  Read more about my story and how I made ME a priority again.  I’m also a StrongFigure Ambassador, fitness instructor, wife and owner of a very large, yellow lab. 🙂

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