Tips and tricks for traveling with kiddos

Vacations and traveling for the holidays are here…and if you have kiddos, this can be a challenging time for some families.  We have some tips and tricks for you today and a few free downloads.

My kids are older now and can entertain themselves pretty well but there was a time when getting in the car to go anywhere was basically a nightmare.  Driving to the grandparents, vacation or…Walmart, which was about 10 blocks away…all equaled a time where parental sanity went out the window due to the screaming.

I learned fast that having snacks, water, sippy cups and general necessities available in the car was at an all time high in the world of importance.

Here are a few of the all-time necessities of riding in a car with kids:

  • MUSIC.  Ok, I do draw the line on playing Barney 24/7 but sometimes, that is what we had to do.  The best kid music that I could listen to and not want to throw out the window was the Go Fish Guys.  Throw in a few of your favs too…you deserve it!  (or listen to Jessica live at!  😉
  • MOVIES.  A lot of cars just have this already in them now but back in ‘da day, they didn’t.  Shocker.  I know.  I remember a few trips where we sat on the highway due to either construction or accidents, which led our long trip to now be 2x longer.  Oh, joy.  We all know that as soon as the motion stops, kids wake up.  Since it isn’t safe to move around, a movie is what saved us many times…at least for a little bit.
  • BLANK NOTECARDS (and something to color with).  Most trips we take involve birthdays, Christmas or something special where gifts are involved.  On that ride home, let the kids color a blank notecard and then all you need to do is write a few words of “thanks”, stick it in the mail and bam…you have a timely sent thank you card decorated by your child.
  • GOOD ATTITUDES.  Might seem cheesy but sometimes, being the only positive one in the car leads to a more positive trip.
  • GADGETS.  Set time limits so the gadgets don’t consume the entire journey…but these are precious traveling items and our kiddos for every cord, game, stylus that they bring.

As our traveling started to venture to longer distances and the kiddos grew up, we started to play more games.  I included a few downloads that you can use for your next trip.  Just click on the link and you will be able to see the pdf or you can right-click on the pictures below and “save as”.

Car game - Hangman-page-001Car game - License Plate-page-001

Car game - Tic Tac Toe-page-001

...and your thoughts are...go ahead, type away!

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