Netflix Binging Could Be Your Best Workout

I recently finished watching a series on Netflix.  Not sure if I am proud to admit that or not but let’s just say…I did it in record time.  (In other words, I was addicted to Drop Dead Diva).

It might be time we try to counter some of all the sitting and get our butt moving off the couch…at least for a little bit.  If you move a little bit today you will probably feel like you are more energized tomorrow.  It is tough though but you just have to get in the habit…and that takes effort, initiative, and motivation.

Take a sec and think about the small changes you can make today – especially during those TV-watching binge sessions.  We’ve included a tip for you today that Shannon, one of our writers, shared!

Tip #3 – During commercial breaks, just move!  Here are a few ideas of what you could do without any workout equipment:

  • walk up and down your stairs
  • situps!  Yep…get that body on the floor and see how many you can do during the break.  (if you’ve got kids…this is a fun challenge to do with them)
  • Pushups.  If you don’t like doing these on the floor or are just starting, do these on the wall first.  You can progress that difficulty level as you get stronger.
  • Jumping Jacks.  You might jiggle a bit and your hair will get messy but that is ok…you are watching tv and no one else is around.  See how many you can do during the break and then try to beat that score during the next break.
  • (not on the picture) If there is a show that says a specific word quite a bit, use that word to be that trigger for you to do something.  Example – everytime the word “Dwight” is said on “The Office”, you do a jumping jack.

Night (1)

What other tips would you want to share with a friend?  We’d love to share your tip with the thousands that are part of The Journey community!  We’ve got a great place for comments at the end.  😉

I have also decided to tackle Pinterest!  Check out the latest Pinterest project that I tested out.  I’m also looking for the next one to try so if you know of one that you are curious about, send me the link.  The YouTube video has more details on that.

Jessica Williams

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