All Those Empty Hangers

IMG_20191102_132714461All those empty hangers.

They once held on to clothes that I couldn’t even wear two years ago. I had three pairs of pants I could wear and those were all the stretchy workout types, and those were tight. I remember needing clothes to wear for my new job in radio and had to go buy a few shirts because I had nothing other than tank tops and sweatshirts.  I had clothes but they were all way too small.

Today, those clothes are way too baggy. WAY too baggy. But, they are now all out of my house forever. Even the clothes that brought me joy, my favorites that are too big, all gone. 😭

The last two years have been quite the journey.  So many different emotions and experiences that I can’t sum up in a blog.  I will tell you this though, losing weight and getting healthier, it is a journey with highs and lows.  People don’t often talk about the feelings but more about the number on the scale.  All of this is so much more than that though.


Hanging out with one of my favorite mascots and daughter.  Go Saints!

It is about being healthier and being able to live a life with less chance of cancer, diabetes, pain, or being sick in some other way.  My risk of cancer and diabetes based on family history is way up there!  Way up there.

The hangers show the clothes but the numbers of my insides and how my body has changed in almost 2 years is pretty amazing…at least I think.  My body fat mass at the end of 2017 was 124.1 lbs and my percentage of body fat was 48.3%.  Yep, almost half of me.  Today, that body fat mass is 67.9 lbs and my percentage of body fat is 34.4%.

I’m not quite in the numbers of “healthy” but I can say with 100% confidence that I am a healthier person today vs. two years ago.  (I also took out a dead organ in my body, but that’s another story that also helped me feel a whole lot better!)

⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️  – If I seem to wear the same stuff over and over, well, I’m not quite done with all this. So you are just going to have to either buy me clothes to wear, let me do a fun shopping spree in your store, (I am serious about BOTH of those options!) or just suck it up and say nice things to me as I wear what I got. Most of what I have are workout clothes, so you have been warned. 🙃

What goal do you have for the month?  I’d love to hear about it!

I’m also very serious about needing clothes so if you want me to wear ones you design, create, sell…send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.  Let’s chat!  😉

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