DJ in Rochester Says “Yes”

👀 Say what?
I am excited to say that I am officially full-time at a pretty cool company. 🎙️  

It’s been just over 2 years since I first walked into the radio station and into the room that had this big ‘ol board with lots of buttons…and the only one I knew was “MIC”.  I knew zero radio words or terms.  ZERO.  That is still a process for me but I will admit, Google helps.

That first day at work, I was surrounded by a bunch of people that I had listened to for years and thought were “cool” so standing there, with them in a room being introduced to them for the first time, well, I’m sure I was very quiet and presented myself as awkward.  Goodness, that first day, I had no idea what to even say in the microphone and honestly had no idea why anyone would let me talk into that silver device hanging down in my face.

I was once told I was expendable.  I was told that I wasn’t allowed to determine my own future…it would be decided for me.  I was told that I dressed ridiculously and told quite often “I don’t know why you are here“.  I was informed that what I wrote would never reach anyone or make a difference and a college professor told me that I was a horrible writer. 


In Fountain, MN meeting LOTS of great people and introducing quite a few bands, including Blackhawk.

I have realized that none of what I was previously told is true.  These past two years, as I’ve walked into work and up the stairs to where the studios are, it is like each step has led me closer to realizing who I truly am and that I do have value.

I wish I could have snapped my fingers to make life all better and to find my joy again, but it was actually a recipe of a few different things:

  • The microphone – it has taken me some time and practice to feel comfortable with that silver object and learn what and how to talk into it.  Now, I want it.  One of my favorite things is to use that mic to help others in some way, through what I say on-air, helping emcee an event, or even speaking to a group.  I savor those moments and am honored to be in those moments.
  • The team – I am surrounded by some amazingly talented individuals who are very, very patient with me.  (emphasis on “very”!)  So many moments where they dropped what they were doing to just help me out.  I’m still learning new things each day but am so thankful for those willing to teach me this world of radio.  I’m going to just keep soaking in as much as I can!
  • Positivity – being surrounded by what brings me joy has been vital these past two years.  Conversations, individuals, places, activities, social media – I have looked at the inventory of what I consume on a daily basis and basically checked in on myself to see how I was feeling while I spent my time.  If joy wasn’t sparked, I wasn’t laughing or smiling, and if fear and doubt started to replace the happiness, it was time to take a step back.  I’ve taken a lot of steps back these past two years.

💟 I’m truly thrilled to say I found people that get me, how I think, and I finally have a place that lets me use my skills to make amazingly creative pieces happen on air, at events and digitally.  Truly grateful to the team at Townsquare Media, to all of the local businesses that have trusted me to help them advertise, and…to all of the listeners.  #ThankYou

😃 Some fun things are happening! New things, more learning opportunities and…they bring me joy.


👍I’ll reveal what is coming up next over on my page – Jessica On The Radio!

What brings you joy?

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