Netflix Binging Could Be Your Best Workout

I recently finished watching a series on Netflix.  Not sure if I am proud to admit that or not but let’s just say…I did it in record time.  (In other words, I was addicted to Drop Dead Diva).

It might be time we try to counter some of all the sitting and get our butt moving off the couch…at least for a little bit.  If you move a little bit today you will probably feel like you are more energized tomorrow.  It is tough though but you just have to get in the habit…and that takes effort, initiative, and motivation.

Take a sec and think about the small changes you can make today – especially during those TV-watching binge sessions.  We’ve included a tip for you today that Shannon, one of our writers, shared!

Tip #3 – During commercial breaks, just move!  Here are a few ideas of what you could do without any workout equipment:

  • walk up and down your stairs
  • situps!  Yep…get that body on the floor and see how many you can do during the break.  (if you’ve got kids…this is a fun challenge to do with them)
  • Pushups.  If you don’t like doing these on the floor or are just starting, do these on the wall first.  You can progress that difficulty level as you get stronger.
  • Jumping Jacks.  You might jiggle a bit and your hair will get messy but that is ok…you are watching tv and no one else is around.  See how many you can do during the break and then try to beat that score during the next break.
  • (not on the picture) If there is a show that says a specific word quite a bit, use that word to be that trigger for you to do something.  Example – everytime the word “Dwight” is said on “The Office”, you do a jumping jack.

Night (1)

What other tips would you want to share with a friend?  We’d love to share your tip with the thousands that are part of The Journey community!  We’ve got a great place for comments at the end.  😉

I have also decided to tackle Pinterest!  Check out the latest Pinterest project that I tested out.  I’m also looking for the next one to try so if you know of one that you are curious about, send me the link.  The YouTube video has more details on that.

Jessica Williams

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Tip #2 Take a few extra steps

What is your journey?

It is the time of year when we usually have the focus on the scale.  Maybe your yoga pants are actually getting too tight to wear or you are just trying to figure out how to exercise while carting kids around Target.

Take a sec and think about the small changes you can make today.  We’ve included a tip for you today!

Tip #2 – When going to the store, park a little farther than your usual spot.  You will get in a few more steps and burn a few more calories.

All of us at The Journey will help you too.  Consider us holding your hand and giving you high-fives on the moments you need it most.

What other tips would you want to share with a friend?


It is also cold & flu season!  Not only did I get bronchitis at the end of 2017, but my hubby was in the hospital for 10 days with pneumonia.  Sickness hit again in our house and this time…the flu, which led to pneumonia with my middle kid.  In the middle of all this, I asked people for some tips to get over the common cold.  The video shows what happened next:

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Slow growth and the big picture

I had one of those “What? Are you serious?” moment recently. My parents and kids were doing a one of those “re-enactment” photos in front of our Christmas tree. They lined up this year in the same manner they lined up just one year ago. The difference was shocking. My two oldest children went from being several inches shorter than my mom to being several inches taller than her.


I really couldn’t believe the difference from the year-old picture to what I was snapping a new picture of this year. I mean, I know my kids keep growing – the two oldest have also passed me up – but I hadn’t realized just how much of a change in the last year. When you see them every day, you just don’t notice the slow growth. But, over time, that slow growth adds up to several inches.

This is exactly what we are about here at The Journey – Small Changes. Big Picture.

I’m not sure how you are feeling one week into 2018. Maybe you hit some awesome goals in 2017. Maybe you’re kickin’ it already in the new year. Or, maybe you think you were a complete failure last year and any goals for this year are totally pointless. Maybe you are somewhere in between.

Can I just remind you of my kids? And how sometimes when you are in the nitty gritty of life, you don’t always see those slow growth changes taking place. But, if you step back and look at the big picture – if you compare where you were a year ago, or five years ago, to where you are now – you might have a “What? Are you serious?” kind of moment yourself.


P.S. It’s been a while since I’ve written here. Life has been busy. I’m sure yours has been, too. I’m hoping to write more in 2018. Hopefully, by this time next year can look back and see a few inches in growth. 😉


Cori2Cori is a wife, mom of three, administrative assistant and random writer who is learning how to take small steps towards big goals. She tends to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, but a journey to learn how to run (something she always hated) taught her a lot about gradual, slow change. She has a degree in journalism and enjoys doing research and writing.

Extra boost this week of “happy thoughts”

Lots going on in our life right now…between kid stuff, schedules, learning all sorts of new things for work and trying to get a meal on the table the at least 3 out of 5 might want to eat…we could say that life is exhausting at times.

On Sunday, I was thinking about what I might talk about on-air and what words I could write about that would be meaningful and provide a positive impact to someone in some way.

I was coming up blank.  I was starting to doubt my ability and all sorts of negative talk was going on in my head.  “I shouldn’t have this job.”  “I am failing.”  “You have no clue what you are doing.”

No one at work has told me that…fyi.  I do have a lot to learn and I am pretty sure that will never stop in the work that I am doing now.  I am ok with that too…because I know this world isn’t going to pause in how social media works, marketing or how we are engaging and measuring that with the end user.  I can talk a lot of marketing gibberish and now I am not just my own voice, there are others around me that also understand this.  It is amazing, actually.  Yet…I let doubt start to take over.

Because Instagram is part of my world and connecting with others, I have added some followers that I didn’t have just 2 weeks ago.  One of those is womeninradio.  The picture they posted that I happened to see on Sunday helped shift that negative voice into a positive conversation with myself.


from womeninradio instagram page


“Your journey has molded you for the greater good.  It was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time.  It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now.  And now is right on time.” – Asha Tyson

Ain’t that the truth!

Sometimes, all we need are the right words.

I survived Monday.  I even survived Tuesday…and in fact, I was shown smiles and grace today by everyone that I met and encountered (besides the lady who was tailgating me on the way to work…you can read about that below)

Have a great rest of your week!

Oh…and I made a cute video for all of you working in retail…trying to make sure you have good days too during this busy shopping season…look at the end for the video.

– Jessica


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Tips and tricks for traveling with kiddos

Vacations and traveling for the holidays are here…and if you have kiddos, this can be a challenging time for some families.  We have some tips and tricks for you today and a few free downloads.

My kids are older now and can entertain themselves pretty well but there was a time when getting in the car to go anywhere was basically a nightmare.  Driving to the grandparents, vacation or…Walmart, which was about 10 blocks away…all equaled a time where parental sanity went out the window due to the screaming.

I learned fast that having snacks, water, sippy cups and general necessities available in the car was at an all time high in the world of importance.

Here are a few of the all-time necessities of riding in a car with kids:

  • MUSIC.  Ok, I do draw the line on playing Barney 24/7 but sometimes, that is what we had to do.  The best kid music that I could listen to and not want to throw out the window was the Go Fish Guys.  Throw in a few of your favs too…you deserve it!  (or listen to Jessica live at!  😉
  • MOVIES.  A lot of cars just have this already in them now but back in ‘da day, they didn’t.  Shocker.  I know.  I remember a few trips where we sat on the highway due to either construction or accidents, which led our long trip to now be 2x longer.  Oh, joy.  We all know that as soon as the motion stops, kids wake up.  Since it isn’t safe to move around, a movie is what saved us many times…at least for a little bit.
  • BLANK NOTECARDS (and something to color with).  Most trips we take involve birthdays, Christmas or something special where gifts are involved.  On that ride home, let the kids color a blank notecard and then all you need to do is write a few words of “thanks”, stick it in the mail and bam…you have a timely sent thank you card decorated by your child.
  • GOOD ATTITUDES.  Might seem cheesy but sometimes, being the only positive one in the car leads to a more positive trip.
  • GADGETS.  Set time limits so the gadgets don’t consume the entire journey…but these are precious traveling items and our kiddos for every cord, game, stylus that they bring.

As our traveling started to venture to longer distances and the kiddos grew up, we started to play more games.  I included a few downloads that you can use for your next trip.  Just click on the link and you will be able to see the pdf or you can right-click on the pictures below and “save as”.

Car game - Hangman-page-001Car game - License Plate-page-001

Car game - Tic Tac Toe-page-001

This is 40: Shannon

shannon 40Oh friends, it feels so good to be back at the keyboard and writing out my thoughts to you. Little Facebook blasts and Instagram posts have been great…don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing quite as cathartic as a good old fashioned blog post.

So much has been going on since last I put fingers to keyboard in this fashion. I mean, yikes, I have not posted here since 2015! What the what! That craziness ends now.

So…what all has been going on you ask, well let me tell you. I signed up to become a beach body coach and have really elevated my fitness to a new level. I am making better food choices (usually) and that trickle down is being seen with the fam. I am still at the job I was just starting when last I left you and STILL loving it! Not only can I be satisfied with my job but I still get all the perks of being available to mu girls…AND I get to work out more! What! That’s right, my place of employment encourages us to take time away from the office to workout. I know, I can feel your jealousy LOL. There are two of us in my office and we take turns. I go and run in the mornings at the staff gym, and he hits the stairs in the afternoon. It’s a fantastic balance. Can you tell I love it?!?!

Hubs is ALSO a Beach Body coach now. I am not going to try and push anything on you guys, no worries. Just after years of trying everything…weight watchers, Atkins, gluten free, sugar free, etc…we have found that the shakeology and work out combo is what works best for us.

The biggest thing since last we spoke is…I turned 40 this year. Yikes. For-tee. It sounded so scary for such a long time. I have to admit though; it was not what I thought it would be. I woke up that fateful Monday and quite honestly felt like a new mindset had hit me overnight. I wasn’t sad to be 40. I wasn’t angry. I was relieved. It was like all the little things that I used to stress about just didn’t matter. I mean, I have heard that after 40 you are allowed to give 0 f*$ks about certain things, and ladies and gents…I woke up feeling exactly that.

The trying to fit in with that certain group of moms need was gone. As long as my kid is happy and thriving…why worry about the rest. My meal plan and the strictness of it when I just want a cold beer after a day of yard work…who acres! Drink it, you did yard work all day you deserve it. It was like, waking up that morning gave me a new lease on life. Something shifted and I was given permission by the universe to quit worrying about what makes everyone else happy and focus on me and my family. Just me and my family, does that make sense. I know that logically that was always allowed, but that morning, that number, that label of “being 40” changed me, and I haven’t looked back.

So this is 40. My 40. I am owning it, and loving it and feeling better than I have in a long time. My workouts are a priority, but if one gets missed…the world isn’t ending and I don’t have to start back on day one. If I miss a shake or have a cupcake…it’s ok. Just make better choices the next time. I am giving myself permission to enjoy life…warts and all and have never felt freer.

I even pushed myself and am super excited that, at 40, I am doing my first group fitness instructor certification. I am finding that at 40 you may be over the hill, but you can still reach for the stars by climbing the mountain!



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Last week…I was binge watching “The Office”. Today, I’m on the radio. What?!

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 1.12.39 PM

Jessica Williams, new DJ at Y105FM.  

My last two months are a whirlwind of emotions.  Please pinch me because I just can’t believe the reality at the moment.

I’m actually tearing up…because it just can’t be real…yet it is.

A few weeks ago, I walked out the doors of one job that was full of people that truly were part of my extended family.  I was so sad.  I sat on the couch and did some Netflix binge watching of “The Office” and felt my feelings a bit.  I had to do that for me.

At the same time all these feelings were going on and “closure”, I was being asked, “what are you going to do now?”.  Great question.  No idea.  Seriously…I had no idea. I knew what I didn’t want to do and was even joking about it.  Real example, “The funeral home sent me another email today.  It is now #6 to be their funeral director.  I just don’t see that as my next direction and I have no idea where they got my resume.”

Lots of jobs were open but I really wanted to do something that used writing, talking and creating together.  My search was on…and part of that search included sending an e-mail to someone I met quite a few months ago just to let him know I’m available to chat more.  😉

That e-mail led to several phone calls (with people I googled first to see who they were …cause they were big wigs located elsewhere), sending in writing examples, sample recordings and meeting lots of people that I felt I already knew cause I hear them all the time on the radio.  Awestruck is something I would say I had as I was e-mailing and speaking with the individuals who were making the decision about what could be my possible future.  My goal though was to take that “awe”away and just be me.  Real.  Jessicas-Top-5-Places-to-go-in-Rochester-MN-2

Speed up to today…it is my 2nd day on air at  Y105FM…and I seriously can’t believe THISis what I get to wake up and do each day.  It was a dream that today is a reality.  Please…pinch me.  You can read my latest blog that shares what I wrote for those listening today…which includes a tiny bit about me and places I enjoy in Rochester.

When I started this blog, did I think I would have DJ as part of my journey?  Not in a million years!

I have always said that being you…the real you…that is the way to go.  I believe it more than ever now.

There is another twist to this crazy thing that I’ll share when it is announced…but a little teaser…I won’t be on just one station.  😉

The writers at The Journey…we’ve also been chatting.  We are putting together MORE content for YOU and are excited to transform this site into something that is real, relevant and accessible to any mom.  And, when you need to hear a friendly voice, you can turn on the radio and hear me too.  (there is an app you can download…find the info at

Is there something you want to read about?  Let us know in the comments…we will do our best to provide info that YOU want to read…and also be REAL with you at the same time.


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“Mom…I forgot something.” How our family learns the lesson of responsibility.

Copy of lI seriously had the perfect day set up.  I was actually going to accomplish stuff in the house AND workout.

My mental list of to-do’s was set.  The kids were off to school.  Dishwasher was started.  Washing machine was going with sheets…and I was actually going to remake the bed with those same sheets today.  Goals were being accomplished today.

I sat down on the couch next to my puppy that was passed out due to being on allergy meds, had my cup of coffee ready and then…phone call from the hubby.

Thoughts running through my head… He hit a deer on the way to work (we live in Minnesota and it is hunting season…deer are EVERYWHERE!).  He forgot something and I have to bring it to him.  He needs me to find something in the house.  He forgot to tell me he was going to be later tonight.  Nope.

I interrupt this coffee moment because…“Micah forgot his iPad. He remembered this 2 seconds before he got on the bus.  Can you bring it to school?”.

This was after tears already this morning due to same child burning scotcheroo bars he made for a charity…we had to throw them out. (FYI…Everyone should cry over throwing those bars of deliciousness out.)  It pained me to pick up the entire 9×13 pan of bars and put them in the trash…in front of him.  Peeps…the bars didn’t even attempt to move.  It was one solid brick of sugar and Rice Krispies covered with chocolate.  The solid state it was in showed that it was meant to be in the trash but I killed my child’s spirit in that same moment.

I digress with thoughts of food.  Back to the real issue.

In our house…we have a special way of handling situations that require a visit to the school that don’t involve programs, meetings with teachers or anything that really is parent required.  These special phone calls that seemed to start showing up one year required an intervention on my part.

Our solution:
My kids get one visit by mom (or dad, if our schedule allows) each school year with the item they forgot.  One.  This means that if there is an instrument still at home, lunch, iPad, agenda, book…anything that is required for my child to go through a school day that is their responsibility to bring…we will bring that one item ONE time to the school.

This is the solution that works for us…and amazingly, my kids rarely forget something.

Off to school I go.

What works best for your family?  How do you handle the lesson of responsibility with your kiddos?


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The journey (1)I recently have had a few chances to revisit a place that always gave me these fuzzy, comfortable and just “at home” feelings…I actually called it my happy place.  I would so love to have this be what everyone gets to feel, all day long.  There isn’t sadness in this place.  There isn’t intentional hurt with our words or memes that go just a tad too far.  All there is…is happy.

If we take one day and share this message in our inboxes, Facebook and Instagram pages, blogs, websites…you get the picture…we will be spreading something that you can be proud of.  That share might provide that happy feeling that someone is missing right now.  We all know that our world…in real life, social, online…the whole package of life could really use some more happy in it.

On Saturdays…help share some love, encouragement and smiles at The Journey and as you go about your day.  Use your imagination on how that happens!  The only thing is…make sure you tell us either on this blog post, on our Facebook page, e-mail or Instagram.

Need some help getting started with those happy ideas?

  • Share something in the comments that you are proud of this week that you accomplished.
  • Did you see a friend do something great this week?  Send them a note, e-mail…tag on social media…let them know that you think they did a great job!
  • Is there a family member that could use a smile right now?
  • Were you supported by someone this week and you want to say thanks?
  • Did you manage to get that workout in this week and you struggled to make it happen?  Share your story so others know you are real…and that if you can overcome struggles…so can they!  Encourage them to try again this week because each day is a new day.

Have a great Saturday!  (be sure to smile at someone today too!)



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Applesauce…in the Instant Pot

A few months ago…I ventured into the Instant Pot world.  Someone posted that there was a sale at Amazon.  Those sold out so I thought I was missing out and had some sadness.

Then, with the amazing world of Facebook, I saw a tip that there were Kohl’s coupons.  With my handy dandy deals that I had already saved up at Kohl’s AND the new tip…I only spent about $60 on my new kitchen gadget that I read “would change my life!” and “make cooking so easy!”.

Gadget arrives.  I took it out of the box and then had no idea what to do.

Lots of buttons.  Directions included but I doubt I would read them or even understand some of the cooking words…cause cooking and I were never formally introduced.  Example: I was a friend at a 4H meeting and my job that day was to get the carrots ready for a stew.  I had no idea you were supposed to peel the carrots first…so our stew had carrots with peel on them and I felt like an idiot.  That was my last day of 4H.  #truestory

I have dabbled a bit but my focus has pushed the Instant Pot to the corner of the kitchen and the fear was starting to gain again with this contraption.

Today, I can make hardboiled eggs like a boss.  Anything else…I am needing therapy.

The recipe I’m sharing today is super easy…serious.  There are 4 things that you basically do and they aren’t hard.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 4.01.23 PM

Instant Pot Applesauce


  • Bunch of apples (I used about 9 to 10)
  • Cinnamon stick
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/4 cup of water


  • Peel (don’t forget that part…like I did with the carrots) the apples.
  • Core and cut up into bigger chunks.  This doesn’t have to look pretty or be in specific shapes.  Just cut up the big apple into smaller pieces.
  • Put in the Instant Pot.
  • Put in water, nutmeg and the cinnamon stick.
  • Put the “manual” button for 5 minutes.
  • Let it do it’s thing and also let it release that steam all by itself (natural release).  (side note…I got busy and didn’t get to this until it was naturally releasing for 108 minutes…and it was fine.)
  • Take out the cinnamon stick.
  • Mix together with your beaters. (I took it all out and put this in my KitchenAid mixer).
  • Let it cool and put in the fridge or serve.  (I funneled into an applesauce container we already had…my kids have no idea I made this myself!)


What’s your favorite thing to make in an Instant Pot?  Share your best or favorite recipe in the comments.

  • View other recipes that we have shared at The Journey here!
  • Looking for workouts?  Check out this section…it will meet you at your level.


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