real results fullThe schedule is out for the month of September for Real Results Gym.  Get your 30 minute time slots scheduled!  View the link below with the details.


October Gym Schedule

HOW TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT?  E-mail or contact Jessica through Facebook to set up your appointment.Please note the following starting the month of September:

  • Must provide 24 hours notice via text if canceling appointment. Payment will be expected if 24 hour notice is not given.
  • There is a waiting list for night workouts…so please make sure that the schedule works for you and that you are committed to making results happen.  After 3 cancelations, your spot has the opportunity to be given to another client.  
  • Please be on time. Many appointments are scheduled back to back and require every minute.
  • Two or three workouts will be provided for the week. These will be 1 or 2 gym workouts based on your schedule at Real Results Gym and 1 at home workouts. The home workouts will be communicated online at and/or via e-mail. Facebook is not a great tool to use to get information out consistently and so an e-mail and website base will be used more in the future rather than Facebook.
  • Prices starting September 1st is $15 per session per person.  The weekly workouts will be posted free for anyone but will be specific and coordinate with the strength training that you are doing at Real Results Gym.
  • Have a friend that would like to try Real Results Gym?  You can bring one person that is new to Real Results Gym to each of your personal sessions.  Only criteria is that they are a woman and that they are ready to work hard, know their own limitations and put the negative self-talk aside.





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