Repeat After Me…”Just Do Your Best”

a guide to big city life & love (3)Can we talk about the last month of school, moms?  Because we are there…and I no longer care what the kids put in their lunch boxes, if they want to take candy to school “for their friends”.  Seriously, I’m just trying to juggle enough with schedules to make it to all of the end-of-the-year concerts and events.  That right there takes a PhD for three kids.

This time of year…I’m pretty much ready to just sit on my deck for the 5 minutes that mosquitos won’t find me so I can enjoy the sun, the peacefulness of the morning, all of the nature that is just on the other side of my deck.  But then I hear the familiar words…“Mom”.

The honest truth is…Life is a bit overwhelming at the moment.  I’ve let a lot of people down lately…and they have let me know.  I’ve been asked questions like, “What side are you on?” that have left me very unsettled about not just the situation but the character of these individuals.  I’m dealing with my kiddos 504 plan for the future years and his triggered anxiety and OCD which seems to be escalated and makes my days very unpredictable.  The triggers for him happen because of a huge variety of reasons but always leaves me on-guard as a mom.

The trauma my child experienced years ago has been one of the most frustrating and complicated situations I have ever encountered as a mom and has made me realize that every day is a fight.  Every.Single.Day.  FYI…if my house is a mess or the laundry isn’t folded, or if I am late to something…it might just be because I am just tired of this fight and I might need 5 minutes to just breathe.  

I was having a moment where I just needed that 5 minutes the other day.  I knew that I was going to fail at some things that day because my energy was already spent and it was only 8:45am.  I had to fill up somehow but really wasn’t sure how to make that happen when my role in 15 minutes was to be happy and lift others up.

So…I wrote this on my page that I use at work to keep track of all of the things I have on my plate that day.  “Just do your best”.

That little quote allowed me to breathe.  It allowed me to refocus in the moments when the e-mails started pouring in about more ways I was letting others down or what was happening in school for my child.  It gave me permission to shut off my phone and keep the notifications at bay so I could…just do my best…in that moment.

Know someone that could use a little encouragement.  Pass it along…and let’s lift each other up.

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