I’ve Got A Goal…and it is about a baby.

Copy of March 2019 goals

Not a real baby.  Seriously…Relax.

If you know how I started this whole “health” thing, it was all because of my last kiddo.  Last time I was pregnant my body decided that it was ok with it but it was going to throw a fit.  Along with all of the kicks and cravings the kiddo gave me (hello, McDonalds #3 with no onions), my hips also basically quit working.  I was literally crawling up my stairs before I realized that was my rock bottom and I probably needed some help.

My help was in the form of physical therapy.  I went for a year, sometimes multiple times a week, did the exercises three times a day at home with a bunch of daycare kids copying me as I laid on the floor.  We made it into a game for them but it was real-life stuff for me.

That was then.  Today, my determination is a bit different.  I’m not having to learn how to walk, roll on the floor, or even get out of bed the right way like I did 10 years ago.  Today, it is about overall health.

I do have some baby goals though…and it is actually how I reach my bigger goals.  I thought that I’d share just a few of those so you can see that every day we really have thousands of choices in front of us.

Through my many years of life and working on goals…the small ones and the biggies…I’ve realized that those choices fall into some categories for me.

  • “I’m fine”…it is all fine.  I am fine.  You are fine.  Today is fine.  Some of what we pick can keep us where we are at…which is fine if you are fine with that.
  • “Whoa!”.  Other choices can push us a bit out of our comfort zone or challenge us…which is usually what I need to start changing some habits that I might be stuck in.
  • “I need this for me right now.”  I call this the self-care moment.  Some days, we just have to calm down a tad and not focus 100% on reaching that huge goal because we need to just focus on the right now.  Our bodies, mind, and spirit get tired and that focus of always driving ourselves to reach a goal and not taking a break to reflect, be calm, or enjoy the moment and accomplishment so far…well, it has the potential to stall that progress or even cause us to lose ground and go backwards.

So, what are my goals?  I’d bore you if I told you all of them…but here are a few:

  • Set up a meal plan for the summer for the family.  My kids are out of school and so they are eating everything they see as soon as they see it in the house.  I need to figure out a way to have my teens communicate what we need…and in a time frame so that I can actually get to the store before I hear the words, “There isn’t anything to eat”.  No idea how this is all happening yet…but I’m thinking about it.  Ideas?  Send them to me please.  🙂
  • Have food ready in the fridge organized in correct portions.  I’ve done this before so I know this can happen in my house, but this is somewhat of a selfish act.  Truth.  I am a bit tired of going to the fridge to get the food I want to eat and finding that it is all gone.
  • Move.  I’m not out running a 5k every day, and actually, walking is tough some days for me.  But, I can park a little farther away from the front door of a store and get a few extra feet in.  I can walk the store perimeter before I start my shopping and get a few extra steps for my day.  I can also do some things that are pain-free for me, like boxing, riding my bike, or throwing in some powerlifting.  And if I want to binge-watch a show on Netflix, I can, but I also know that it is probably best to sit my butt down on my indoor cycling bike at the same time rather than my recliner.  (that doesn’t always happen…fyi…but it could)

Those are the things I need to work on right now for me.  They are baby goals and really are just changing small, tiny things in my daily life that will help me reach my goal of being healthier overall.


What baby goals do you have for yourself?  I’d love to hear about them (and telling others helps keep us accountable!)  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.  I’d love to connect!

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