The Groupies

This is THE page!  The one that will inspire you to move more, make healthier choices, try a new activity or even spread love to others in a way you didn’t know was even possible.

The Journey hopes to motivate and encourage you through these stories that were written by those that we call “The Groupies.” This isn’t a special club … just what we call everyone that is part of The Journey. No application is necessary. No cost is needed to view or see these amazing transformations. No need to buy any product or service. All you have to do is click and read.

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Slide1Jessica Williams’ Journey: was having trouble and chronic pain in her hips and was in the obese category on the BMI charts.  Today she is down 80 pounds and enjoys boxing, powerlifting and is a certified instructor for indoor cycling.

kristi before and afterKristi’s Journey:   life experiences she has gone through, the struggles & ups and downs, along with workouts and strategies she’s used to become a healthier, happier person.

KristineKristine’s Journey:  a mom who is juggling kids, college and the passion to get healthier.

angie todayAngie’s Journey:  a mom of 4 boys (which includes a set of twins) loses over 100 pounds!  Read her story and learn what she did to lose the weight.

Lanse’s Journey:  living with diabetes did not stop him…in fact, it helped him realize that change needed to happen.  Read his story and learn about how he has changed his life and continues to work hard today!

Shannon’s Journey:  one of the writers for The Journey…Shannon talks about her goals for the health of her family, the future and what her goal is for the year 2014.

Ben graduating from 8th grade

Ben graduating from 8th grade

Arwen’s Journey:  a mom who was given the title “cancer mom” when her little boy was diagnosed at the age of 4.  Today she is taking the time for her and making steps towards being a healthier mom.