Challenge #2: Read

You are your own educator...READ!

You are your own educator…READ!

Challenge #2 is here!  What are we asking you to do this time?  It is simple really…we want you to read.  Whatever it is that you want to change in your life you need to get educated on how to make that change happen.

  • Step 1:  Pick 1 article that you find online on the topic of your choice, read it and see if it is helpful.
  • Step 2:  Post your comment on Facebook or the website and let us know what you read and list 1 thing that you learned from the article.

Warning!  …make sure that what you are reading is from a creditable source.  There is a lot of info out there, especially in the food and fitness industry, that is not accurate.  If you aren’t sure, send us an e-mail or comment and ask us what we think.  I’d be glad to do some research for you and I may already know the answer based on what I have read the past 4 years.

What do I read?  Above is a picture of what is on my dresser right now.  These are just a few of the fitness related books that I have in my possession and doesn’t even touch what I read online.

One of the things that I like to do is exercise but specifically, I like to lift heavy weights.  What am I talking about when I say heavy?  I just did a 190 lb deadlift the other day, I can put a barbell that weights 70 pounds over my head right now as I am standing up and I don’t use many of the weights in the women’s area at my gym anymore…because they only go up to 35 pounds.

My goal with my research was to learn how to exercise and lift weights the right way.  I have these books and read information online because I want to know how to do things without injuring myself.  I watch YouTube quite a bit and review how others perform a squat or push press.  I copy pages in my books and bring them with me so I have the info that I need as I am working out.  As I was just starting out with strength training I literally had a notebook of papers in my gym bag.  I pulled out the ones that I needed for the day, kept those with me or glanced at them in the locker room before I started my sets.

The books on my dresser not only have workouts in them but show me what muscles are being used, why you do different combinations certain ways and also talks about nutrition.  I have done some of the workouts in these books and read the reviews on what is written…so I have literally done research on these How-To health type of books and then applied that research.

What would have happened if I just went up to a barbell and tried to do a deadlift or a push press without doing research?  I would be laying on the ground with my back out and I would be injured pretty bad.

As you are making small changes you do need to research the path that you are going to take so you don’t have injuries or start going down a completely different path than what you intended.  Maybe you want to change your eating habits?  Maybe you want to eat more vegetables and add more variety in what you eat?  Your change might lead you on a path where you just want to start moving more and getting in shape is a long term goal for you.  Knowing how you will reach that goal…your big picture…takes some research.  If you have the information on how to makes these changes you will succeed.

I read something everyday about strength training or nutrition and I will gladly share what I find in the next few days as well.  Remember though…my goal is not the same as yours.  Just because I do something one way doesn’t mean that it will work for your journey.

It’s time to hit the library or do some Google searching!  Ask questions if you have them.  I can’t wait to see what you are reading.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Challenge #2: Read

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    1. mominminnesota Post author

      I made it…I needed somewhere to put all the bibs…even the filthy, dirty Warrior Dash one. You want one? I thought about selling them. – Jessica


      1. Kristine

        I looked at it closer after I posted and thought, “hey, I can make this. Trip to Hobby Lobby is in order”. I was going to suggest you sell it. Then I also thought, if I was good at making it, I could sell it too. 😉


    1. mominminnesota Post author

      Good idea! I need to start doing that too. Not sure if I will do a lot of running this year other than the Warrior Dash. If there was a run that had 1/2 mile breaks where you could do deadlifts and squats I would be there in a second! 🙂 Straight running…for what seems like forever…is not my favorite thing.


      1. mominminnesota Post author

        I got most of the supplies at Home Depot. I think Menards has the wood cheaper though. Send me a picture after yours is done!


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