Pinny Pig: Beat the Heat


Ohio weather is some of the most inconsistent weather in the world.  Ok, that nay not be ENTIRELY true, but from my vantage point it is.  If you have ever been to lean, mean state 17 you know what I’m talking about…or if you are from Ohio (as I am born and breed) you know as certainly as I do that a big draw to OH (especially NEOH) is that amazing opportunity to experience all 4 seasons in one day.  It is…interesting to say the least.  Based on the frigid winter we had, we are predicted to have a mild summer.  HOORAY!!!  You may remember baa while back I did a Pinny Pig Kiddo Edition with some rainy day activities.  The fun part about coming up with Pinny Pig ideas that involve my kiddos is completing them relies heavily on them wanting to do them. 🙂  Crazy right?!?!

Well, this week the temps decided to jump from a lovely 70-75, to a whopping 97.  YUCK!  Of course this was the week we had signed the girls up for soccer camp so we were worrying about heat exhaustion and dehydration (something I talk about in my personal blog this week).  What this also meant was turning on the AC (which I frugally did n NOT want to do) but also finding some fun INDOOR activities that we could do to stay cool, especially after them having been outside all morning at camp.  I got out the iPad and let the girl go through things I had pinned on my “wish list” for them to do, but also let them search on their own some (my oldest has her OWN Pinterest page so she had some ideas already).

I have been wanting to try the melted bead sun catcher project, but this week was too hot to fire up the oven for a craft project (plus the hubs is worried about what kind of chemical breakdown happens there and the fumes it gives off).  We decided on a different type of “melted bead” project (the pic in the link is not mine…sadly the pics I took didn’t come out very well, so I will add them later).  We actually found an old kit in our house that had fun sea creatures in it (octopus, fish, dolphin) and the melting only needed to be done by an iron so we were off.  This was fun for the girls to do together, and because the beads are smaller it works their dexterity and fine motor skills, as well as kills a LOT of time which allowed me to do some cleaning up.  They worked together quietly sharing beads, getting each others opinions.  It was so nice.  I did actually get this shot of them working together.  Makes my heart happy.

2014-06-17 17.37.19

Well, despite the amount of time it took to complete this one, my sweet mini me was not content the other night to do one project alone, so we got back on the iPad and she found the one she wanted to try.  Mini me LOVEs the beach, not necessarily the water, but the beach.  She loves to collect shells and sea glass and any other cool and interesting things she finds on the shore.  That being said, we have quite the shell collection so we found this pin where you paint and create animals out of shells.  We are working on a fish, a crab and a turtle…but the artist wouldn’t let me get pics of these until they are complete.  We also started working on pet rocks, s those are painted and awaiting their googly eyes.

How do you like to beat the heat?

Yours on The Journey,


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